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Biophysisc Group

Biophysics is an interdisciplinary grup, we study the structure and function of biological systems from a biology and physics perspective. The Biophysics Group was consolidated in 2005
with the establishment of its laboratory at Universidad de los Andes. Initially research was focused in the study of biophysical properties of cell membranes and, with time, it expanded to include other research areas like molecular and cellular biomechanics and systems and synthetic biology. Currently, it has three full-time professors with broad research experience and a strong publication record in high-impact scientific journals.


Systems Biology

Stochastic modeling of genetic expression of growing cells
Study of the persistence generation mechanisms in bacteria
Measurement of size and gene expression of evolved E. coli cells along the growth curve using MACS
Phenotypic variability as survival strategy
Control in synthetic genetic circuits
Evolution of cooperation
SysBio Meeting

Cell Mechanics and Adhesion, Microscopy

Cell mechanics and adhesion, biofilms
The Mechanics of immunity
Education and teaching

Membrane Biophysics

Liposome catchment processes by tumor origin cell lines
Membrane fluctuation analysis in giant unilamelar vesicles
Study of survival strategies of S. aureus biofilms exposed to membrane-active antimicrobial peptides
Molecular dynamics of membranes to study their mechanical properties


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