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Education and teaching Manu Forero-Shelton (Access to quality support material for teachers, low cost instrumentation, physics for biology students) Chad Leidy (physics for biology students, active learning) Juan Manuel Pedraza (Low cost instrumentation)

• The goal is to contribute to the improvement of teaching of sciences in the developing world. In particular, the goal is to develop tools to improve teacher´s access to quality material as well as to develop low-cost instrumentation for teaching and research.

• In collaboration with the CIFE (research center in education and training), a Ph.D. student in Denmark and Chad Leidy among others, we re-developed the basic physics classes taken by life science students. We included peer instruction, tutorials and other elements of active learning. An important part was the development of problems of interest to students in biology and medicine where physics is relevant.

Students interested in developing open source teaching labs (programming and electronics skills) or simply motivated by improving education are encouraged to join.