BYU iGEM/Notebook/7 January 2011

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7 January 2011

Heat Production

We discovered that the yeast heating project was originally done by an iGEM team from Valencia. If we continue with it, our original contribution would be linking it to a riboswitch, and optimizing the heating mechanism. Addison also suggested optimizing it in E. coli because they grow in denser colonies (it has already been shown not to be lethal in E. coli, but we aren't sure if it produces heat).

Furthermore, there is a better chance of E. coli heating its environment more efficiently as the UCP-1 protein would be expressed on its membrane as opposed to the mitochondrial membrane.

Pamphlet printing is cheap, and Rob volunteered to work on the graphic design.

Colon Cancer Detection

We've found that cancer cells produce more reactive oxygen species than normal cells. E. Coli already has detection systems for ROS so we could couple those detection systems with some sort of report to detect the ROS. Such as GFP for fluorescence, or banana aroma for a little added flavor.

The carbon monoxide project ...

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