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2012 TEAM

Amy Fullwood

New to IGEM Amy is in her second year at BYU majoring in Microbiology. She has been a member of the BABEL lab in the Engineering Department at BYU for two years looking into a cadeveric mechanical model of the lumbar spine.

Audrey Buckley

Brooke Roark

Dean Ritchie

Eric Jones

Eric Jones is a mathematics major planning to apply to medical school this summer. Eric is married to Hannah Hinkson. They have been happily and beautifully married since May 2010.

Hillary Emery

I'm a 24-year-old from Boise, ID studying Microbial Genetics and biotechnology at Brigham Young University! I am currently working on the BYU iGEM 2012 team to find an early detection of colon cancer!

Jeffrey Rees

Joe Anderson

Joe is a Microbiology major at Brigham Young University. He plans on attending graduate school.

John Shumway

John and Allison in St. George

John Shumway is in his last year at Brigham Young University. He is new to iGEM and is bringing his experience in mathematical modeling and computer programming to the group. John is a piano performance major, planning to give his senior recital in the Fall and graduate in December. In addition to iGEM he does research with a group in the physics department studying carbon nanowires and also with a group in the math department studying Glioblastoma Multiforme. John plans on going to medical school and is going to begin the application process in June, 2012. John enjoys snowboarding, accompanying and singing in BYU men's chorus, running and volunteering at the local hospital.

John is engaged to Allison Orgill and they are getting married on April 27th, 2012 in the LDS Mt. Timpanogos temple.

Jordan Kitchen

After graduating from High School, Jordan attended Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for one year. He then moved to Thailand to become a volunteer missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After his two-year service in Thailand he transferred to BYU and has been here for almost 2 years. He is majoring in molecular biology with minors in economics and gerontology. He will graduate in August of 2012.

Jordan has had research experience in the lab of Dr. Sandra Burnett preforming transgenic research. Where he helped with development and testing of nanoinjection devices in collaboration with the BYU Mechanical Engineering Department and NanoInjection Technologies LLC, and helped present the lab's research findings at the International Transgenics Technology Society (ITTS) Conference in 2011. Jordan was a member of ITTS in 2011. With this lab he also lead a research group investigating ways to inject Yeast Artificial Chromosomes (YAC). When the research was experiencing some problems, he moved to Madrid, Spain for an internship with Centro Nacional de Biotechnologia. It was during his stay here in the summer of 2011 that he was able to learned more about YACs.

He also has experience working with mycobacterophage. He was part of the BYU phage hunters program in 2010-2011 and discoved and named two novel phage (LoversLane and SherL). In addition he presented a poster at the American Society for Microbiologist regional meeting, and co-authored the publication of two genomes, with five more awaiting submission. He also had preformed other phage research in the lab of Dr. Don Breakwell.

Jordan loves to participate in humanitarian service and is currently serving as the Care Giver School Director for the Healing Hands for Haiti Utah County 2012 team and the Speaker Coordinator and founding member for Serving with Smiles (SWS). SWS is a community club for children ages 4-18 and adult leaders. Jordan also is a chaperon and recruiter for Humanitize Expeditions, a humanitarian group working in Guatemala. For Jordan iGEM fuses his love of service and public health with research and provides ways to overcome the challenges that are facing our world.

Joseph Thiriot

Josh Yates

Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts is currently in her senior year at Brigham Young University. Julie is returning IGEM member and is excited to see what the new team can do. IGEM was Julie's first experience working in a lab and has opened the door for her to do more research. Along with IGEM she also works in Dr. Steve Johnson's lab studying nucleosome positioning and gene expression. Julie plans on pursuing an advanced degree in bioengineering or molecular biology. In her free time, when not studying bacteria or green fluorescing worms, Julie enjoys running, dancing, and lip syncing (occasionally singing when no one else can hear).

Justin Meek

Justin Meek is currently a Junior at Brigham Young University studying Microbiology. He plans on attending dental school after graduation from BYU.

Karl Nordgren

Kellie Bollenbach

Kyle Jackson

Yuri Cabeza

Yuri Cabeza is currently in his junior year at Brigham Young University majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology with an emphasis on Microbial Genetics. He is a new member of the BYU iGem team.

2011 TEAM

Addison Alley

Addison in Jolly Old England

Addison is a senior pre-medical student at BYU studying microbiology. In addition to being part of the iGEM team, he works as a teaching assistant for a Biology 100 class and as a lab assistant for Dr. R. Paul Evans, performing DNA isolation on fish and Egyptian mummy samples. He is also a volunteer Spanish medical interpreter at Utah Valley Regional Hospital.

Addison met his wife, Abby, in London on a BYU study abroad program in 2009. In his free time, Addison writes and records music, which can be found here: Addison Alley Music

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Julie Roberts

Julie Roberts

Julie is a junior at Brigham Young University studying Genetics and Biotechnology. She plans to further her education in medical science or bioengineering to thereby contribute to the growth of these sciences. IGEM is Julie’s first opportunity participating in undergraduate research. She is excited to be working with such great peer and faculty mentors on this project, and is ready to use the knowledge she has gained in the classroom on this project.

Outside of the books Julie enjoys dancing, and running, as she participated in her first marathon this summer in Park City. She is also currently working with a community of persons with disabilities and enjoys the challenges and rewards that working with them brings.

Matthew Biggs

Matt and Jessica hiking the Y

Matt is a junior at BYU studying bioinformatics with an aim to tackle bioengineering in graduate school. On the side he works at the library, cataloging Spanish and Portuguese books, and in Dr. Evan's molecular biology lab sequencing DNA samples from fish and Egyptian mummies. He enjoys playing soccer, watching old episodes of the X-Files and baking bread.

His wife Jessica is also a student at BYU studying political science, and they enjoy reading books, hiking and eating ice cream together.

Mark Sabin

Mark learning how to skydive

Mark is a Junior at BYU majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology. He is currently planning on going to dental school. Dentistry appeals to him because of the change a good smile can have on an individual's life. This is his fourth semester working as a TA for Dr. Brown in the BYU Chemistry Department. IGEM will be a great way for Mark to broaden his studies and contribute to the growing field of bioengineering.

In the winter he enjoys snowboarding, and when its not freezing at 12,000 ft. he spends his time skydiving with his Dad. He is recently engaged to be married to Ariel Johnson on April 29th of this year.

Cameron Smith

Cameron with his fiancée Katie

Cameron is motivated and determined to be successful in family and career life, majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology with aspirations of Dental School. Goal setting and constant personal motivation helps him to excel in whatever he sets his mind to. Organizational skills help him to stay focused and accomplish any task. He is currently engaged to be married on 21 May 2011. He enjoys playing the piano, rock climbing, and the occasional video game.

Robert Lindeman

Rob and Kelli

Robert is a junior majoring in Physiology and Developmental Biology. He is excited for this opportunity to be actively involved in Research and to participate in the great field of bioengineering. He currently works in tech support, but his dream is to become an orthodontist in order to help others feel better about their smile.

On the side he enjoys playing lacrosse, football, and ultimate frisbee. He married Kelli Foote in June 2010, and they enjoy spending time playing games, enjoying nature, and watching movies.

Chet Chamberlain

Chet Chamberlain

Chet is majoring in Genetics and Biotechnology with an emphasis in Microbial Genetics and minors in Business Management and Microbiology. Watching online videos of the 2008 iGEM competition inspired him to choose his field of study. He has two magazine subscriptions: Liahona (Italian) and Scientific American. He loves bonsai trees, airsoft, ultimate frisbee, and trying new foods. He dislikes giving blood and hopes that his research in synthetic biology will one day help him make the ultimate contribution to the Red Cross - bacteria capable of producing blood without the need of those scary needles.

Devin Sabin

Devin Sabin

Devin is a junior majoring in Microbiology. He isolated the novel micobacteriophage Sabinator through HHMI's Phagehunter program and worked in Dr. Robison's Pathogenesis lab with a new antibiotic and MRSA. Devin is currently working as intern for BD Diagnostics in Sparks, Maryland in the R&D department. He will return in May to help on the iGEM team. Eventually he plans on going to graduate school to earn a PhD Molecular biology. His love of working with his hands has combined with his interest in biology to fuel his desire to pursue a career in laboratory research.

In his spare time, Devin enjoys riding four-wheelers, playing ultimate frisbee and has a knack for finding free stuff.