BYU iGEM/Notebook/24 January 2011

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24 January 2011

  • Can internal biomarkers be used by our E. coli if the cells die and are found in the stool?
  • What biomarkers are common to most colon cancers?
  • What are the stages of cancer development and how much do signals/biomarkers change through the stages?
  • ROS/ROM's ... do they reach the environment? What causes them? Are they a good signal?
  • Anatomy and pathophysiology of the cancer? What is a polyp? Where does it dump things out? Is a polyp made only of cancer, or is it made of mixed cells?

And Or Gate Switches

Various Gates-AND,OR,NAND,XOR,NOT Various promoters How to get best combined response from two inputs

Colon Cancer

Colon cancer begins as normal colonic epithelium which can develop into an adenomatous polyp which can further develop in to an invasive cancer polyp-abnormal growth of tissue projecting from a mucous membrane Polyps are an early warning for colon cancer. There are two types of colon cancer: 1.adenoma-pre malignant polyp 2.hyperplastic polyps-rarely forms a cancerous tumor

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