BYU iGEM/Notebook/19 January 2011

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19 January 2011

Proofread pamphlet text and plan to take pictures on Friday. Friday afternoon, Addison and his friend will work on the layout.

Started research in earnest for colon cancer biomarkers that will be useful in our project.

ROS are decreased in cancerous cells

ROS are increased in CRC

ROS-sensing transcriptional regulators already in E. Coli are OxyR, SoxR, and FNR. These could potentially be used to detect different concentrations of ROS.

Biomarkers Unique to Colon Cancer

Carcinoembryonic antigen

Detection of Glycoprotein 87 Using Monoclonal Antibody Adnab-9

Consistently Reported Candidate Biomarkers - Check last pages for lists of genes/proteins

TFF3 and GDF15

Goals for Next Few Weeks

Subjects to Study: Circuit design Directed evolution Mathematical modeling Colon cancer biology basics Other tools that will be useful.

Professors to give lectures: Dr. Clement Dr. Grose Dr. O'Neil Dr. Griffitts

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