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Name: Luke Roy
Name: Elena Gomez
Name: Amelia Ikuta
Name: Kyle Williams



Healthcare Issue

Nasal congestion is one of the most common and frequent complaints that humans have. Various things cause the irritation or constriction of the nasal cavity such as (not all causes):

>Colds, Influenza, Sinusitis
>Nonallergic Rhinitis/ Vasomotor Rhinitis (VMR)
>Dry Air (Mayo Clinic Source)

The Oxyspan Medicated Nasal Cavity Expander (MNCE) allows for patients (at an in home setting with proper installation tools) or physicians (during clinical visits) to have a safe and constant treatment for nasal cavity decongestant. With this device, pathology identified within the nose or deeper nasal cavities can be efficiently affected by the device. The device not only expands the walls of the nasal airways through stent technology, but provides medication to the affected areas through the Oxymetazoline coating on the device.

Competitors to Oxyspan


Customer Validation

Patients: People suffering from Nasal Septum Deviation (80% pop.), Snoring (25% pop. habitually), Sinusitis (12.1% pop.), Nasal Turbinate Hypertrophy. People with congestion from the Common Cold/Flu, allergies, and dry air.
Physicians: Otolaryngologist (doctor who specializes in ear, nose, throat)
Providers: Pharmacy CVS, Walgreens, Hospitals
Payers: Health Insurance Payers such as UnitedHealth, Wellpoint Inc. Group, Kaiser Foundation Group, Humana Group
Purchasers: Pharma Companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck & Co., Allergan, Eli Lilly & Co., Mylan

Existing Patents

1. Nasal spray composition and method for treating rhinitis, sinusitis or both

Patent Number: WO2008070264A3


Original Assignee: Kent A Knauer Univ Case Western Reserve

Original file date: 2008-06-12

Summary: This patent has claims on the use of a solution containing oxymetazoline in the treatment of nasal congestion, rhinitis, and sinusitis. The decongestant is administered through the nostril by means of a spray.

2. Stent for splinting a nasal passage

Patent number: US20140018839A1


Original Assignees: Peter RennerKlaus DüringJoachim Georg PfefferNasib Dlaikan-Campos

Original file date: 2014-01-16

Summary: This patent makes claims to an insertable nose stent. Specifically it claims the elongation ability of the material and the wired braid lattice. It also claims the procedure for insertion.



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