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Lab 3: “Title”

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HW: Lab Report 3 (due mm/dd/yy at hh:mm AM/PM through OpenWetWare)

Grading Scheme:
10 points – Section
10 points – Section
10 points – Section
10 points – Section
10 points – Section
50 points – Peer Assessment

Rubric: Rubric

Look for your Group's lab report link in the list of links on the right. If it is RED instead of blue, DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

If the link is red, type the name of your Group's lab report link exactly as shown in the following text field and click the Create Page button.

This should open up an Edit page that is pre-populated with a lab report template code.

<createbox> preload=Template:ASUBME100_s2018_L3 prefix=BME100_s2018: width=25 buttonlabel=Create Page </createbox>

Group1_W0800_L3 Group2_W0800_L3 Group3_W0800_L3 Group4_W0800_L3 Group5_W0800_L3
Group6_W0800_L3 Group7_W0800_L3 Group8_W0800_L3 Group9_W0800_L3 Group10_W0800_L3
Group11_W0800_L3 Group12_W0800_L3 Group13_W0800_L3 Group14_W0800_L3 Group15_W0800_L3
Group16_W0800_L3 Group17_W0800_L3
Group1_W1030_L3 Group2_W1030_L3 Group3_W1030_L3 Group4_W1030_L3 Group5_W1030_L3
Group6_W1030_L3 Group7_W1030_L3 Group8_W1030_L3 Group9_W1030_L3 Group10_W1030_L3
Group11_W1030_L3 Group12_W1030_L3 Group13_W1030_L3 Group14_W1030_L3 Group15_W1030_L3
Group16_W1030_L3 Group17_W1030_L3