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Name: Mikayla Gerdes
Name: Anastasia Hancock
Name: John Le
Name: Alicia Salas


Health Care Issue

65 million people around the world have epilepsy. Temporal Lobe Epilepsy (TLE) is the most common form. Approximately 60% of all people living with epilepsy have TLE. Patients with TLE have symptoms ranging from memory and mood difficulties to brain malformations and tumors. We will develop a solution for epilepsy patients that will prevent seizures using auricular vagus nerve stimulation. An inner ear EEG will detect brain activity in your temporal lobe, and when activated/sensed, will automatically activate the T-VNS to send pulses to the vagus nerve pathways in your ear. The strength of the pulses will vary based on the severity of the information collected from the EEG. When the vagus nerve is activated, its effects will range from lessening the severity of the seizure to completely preventing it from occurring. This is a non-invasive, wearable device around your ear. Patient specific to temporal lobe epilepsy.

Customer Validation

-Dr. S. David Moss (Physician) Mesa, AZ Affiliated with Banner Desert Medical Center

-NeuroPace (Organization)

-Christy Gerdes (Patient)

-Dr. Maya Vaysbrot (Physician) Glendale, AZ

-Epilepsy Foundation of Arizona (Organization)

-Banner Health Clinic: Neurosciences Clinic (Organization)

-Dr. Korwyn Williams (Physician) Phoenix, AZ Affiliated with Phoenix Children’s Hospital

-Epilepsy Outreach Project (Organization) Tucson, AZ

-Neil Abercrombie (Patient) Hawaii Governor

-Tiki Barber (Patient) Football player

-Alan Faneca (Patient) Football player

-Amy Lee (Patient) Singer and advocate for epilepsy awareness

-Dr. Rama Narasimhan (Physician) Chandler, AZ Affiliated with Banner Gateway Medical Center

-Dr. Jay Varma (Physician) Phoenix, AZ Affiliated with St. Joseph’s Hospital

-Dr. Amy Z. Crepeau (Physician) Mayo Clinic in Arizona

-Dr. Joseph F. Drazkowski (Physician) Mayo Clinic in Arizona

-Dr. Matthew T. Hoerth (Physician) Mayo Clinic in Arizona

-Dr. Katherine H. Noe (Physician) Mayo Clinic in Arizona

-Dr. Joseph I. Sirven (Physician) Mayo Clinic in Arizona

-Dr. Steve Chung (Physician) Affiliated with Banner University Medical Center Phoenix


Companies Advantages Disadvantages Why ours is better
Cyberonics/LivaNova -Self Administer

-Only a special kind magnet will trigger it


-Battery Last 5-10 yrs

-Develop Nerve Immunity

-Needs to be programmed by a professional

-Can lose magnet



-Sends specific pulses

-No extra device

ElectroCore/GammaCore -Non-invasive

-Relief in 15 mins

-Used to treat multi attacks each day


-Half patients not satisfied

-Can lose device

-Device requires to be charged

-Don't have to charge device

-Created specifically for the patient

IP Position

1 - #US7797042B2 - Cerbomed Gmbh. Date filed: May 18, 2007.

Device for applying a transcutaneous stimulus or for transcutaneous measuring of a parameter: This device is similarly shaped like an ear piece and is used to stimulate the vagus nerve for medical effect.

BME100 Group3 W1030 Patent1Picture1.png BME100 Group3 W1030 Patent1Picture2.png

2 - #US20130245486A1 - ElectroCore LLC. Date filed: March 20, 2009.

Devices and methods for monitoring non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation: The patent device uses vns to self treat medical conditions such as migraine headaches.

Patent 2 picture 1.png BME100 Group3 W1030 Patent2Picture3.png BME100 Group3 W1030 Patent2Picture2.png

Fundability Worksheet Scores

Customer Validation: 2 (There is a large open market for the device but it is only target those with Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.)

Competitors: 2 (There are some companies out there produces some parts of our design but we are innovating several of the designs and combine and there are no one else out there.)

IP Position: 2 (There are several patents on the part we would need to build our design but none of them consist of the combination of the technology and the specification for our design was not found.)


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