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The health issue being addressed is medication usage. Currently, thirty two million Americans use three or more medications daily (PhRMA 2011) [1]. However, the modern person is always on the go, throwing themselves into their work, and losing track of time. According to a review in Annals of Internal Medicine, about fifty percent of medication for chronic diseases are not taken as prescribed [2]. Today, people check their phones 150 times a day, checking them every six minutes [3]. Despite forgetting to take important medication, no one ever leaves for the day without a cell phone. The product developed to solve this issue is a pill box phone case. This will be able to hold at least a week’s worth of medication on the back of a smartphone. The case will also be connected to an app that can be downloaded, performing several tasks including a reminder of when to take the medication, track how many pills are left in the case and in total, send reminders to the user when a refill is needed, and contact the user’s pharmacist when a refill is needed. In addition, there will be a touch ID to open the case to prevent medication from being lost or stolen.

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Customer Validation

Sub-section 1-1

Customer Validation: Create a list of 20 specific customers that you would contact to validate your device/technology (physicians, individuals, organizations etc). 

1. Patient (Moath)

2. patient (Meshal)

3. patient (Omar)

4. CVS pharmacy

5. ASU Clinics Hospital

6. patient (Aisha)

7. Patient (Hakim)

8. Doctor

9. Doctor

10. patient (Auhod)

11. Althor Products (1) Company provides pill box

12. Creative Findings, LLC (2) Company provides pill box

13. Walgreens Pharmacy

14. MedFolio (3) Medication management

15. Elligrid Sell pill box

16. Pioneer Plastics (4) Custom Manufacturer (pill box)










3. Parts A and B: Device Advantages Disadvantages 1.) Livi Automatic Pill Dispenser(1) Electronic, fancy, app reminders, email, text, multiple medications, 90 days Expensive, not portable as compared to the phone case - Financial and practical disadvantages

2.) Oversized Easy Open Weekly Pill Organizer(4) Cheap ($15), Refills needed every week, large and bulky -practical disadvantages

3.) Automatic Pill Dispenser, Electronic Medication Reminder with new Lock, Louder Alarm and Flashing Light - Solid Top(3) Electronic, as compared to a box, has an alarm to remind patients to take pills, 28 (2-week dispense) Expensive ($80), large and bulky, looks (and probably sounds like a fire alarm) Financial, and convenience disadvantages

4.) Maya Pill Dispenser(2) Electronic reminders and 1-week refillable container, phone calls, text messages, has specific time frame, if pills have not been taken it sounds the, entire lid opens for easy refill as opposed to refilling each days compartments individually (each day opens too) $$$, monthly fee of $40, not portable, large. Our solution is smaller and is almost always on hand these days. Financial and practical disadvantages

5.) 7 Day Pill Case(6) Cheap $.01=10.01, easy to use, small Low quality material, no reminders, hard to carry around Technological disadvantages

6.) Sagely Pill Organizer(7) Magnetized base so individual days can be removed, easy refill by pushing through the top Seems less sanitary, allowing contact with open environment, $35.50 mid-range price, easy to lose Hygiene and technological disadvantages

7.) EYN Protective Smart phone case with storage(5) Connected to phone, portable No security or dispense system, not meant for pills Technological and practical disadvantages

Part C.) Our Pill Box Phone Case combines the best features of each of these current solutions and eliminates many of the disadvantages. Our solution will be small and affordable, able to electronically communicate and work with the smartphone in order to remind people to take medicine. It would be secure preventing others from abusing drugs. Also helps prevent missing medications or overdosing. There would be a PIN or fingerprint required through an app on the patients phone to dispense medication. Some further advantages of the phone pill case is that it removes any worry of forgetting to take your pills as phones are common to be on hand at all times.

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IP Position

US20150048102 A1: Electronic pill box and medication reminder and compliance system incorporating same [9] Inventors: Robert G. Dickie, Walter Prokopchuk; assignee: Next Paradigm Inc.; Filing date: August 13, 2013; no images available. This is a pill box that lights up the pill compartments to remind patients to take their pills on time; if the light is on they still haven’t taken the pills. This would be fundamentally different than a phone case, as it is a traditional pill box style. It is similar to the design in that it aims to remind the patient of their prescription.

US20160081882: Phone case pill dispenser [8] Inventors: James Joyce, David Shanahan; assignee: HealthBeacon, Limited; Filing date: August 6, 2015; no images available. This patent describes a phone case that contains pills and connects to the smartphone to know if the door to any given compartment has been opened or closed. It describes a phone case that specifically aims to dispense, not store medications. This phone case does not exist and although there exists a patent, it is easy to improve upon the idea with an accompanying application that allows the patient to connect with their pharmacy and or know if they still need to take medication.


Customer Validation

2 - There are existing products that serve the function of holding pills in a phone. However, they are not for the exact use of pill holding in a phone case. There is still room to improve what is out there.

IP Position
2 - Although there are phone cases that contain or dispense medication, there are not any that have as many elements as this product. In addition to medication storage, the phone case will also work with software that can communicate with pharmacies and alert the patient to take medication or refill their pill case.