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Wellesley College-BISC 209 Microbiology -Spring 2013

BISC209 S13 Lab Calendar

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Classes begin
Jan. 29
Jan. 30
Jan. 31 Feb. 1
Feb 4 Feb. 5
Lab 1
Feb. 6
Lab 1
Feb. 7 Feb. 8
Feb. 11 Feb. 12
Lab 2
Feb. 13
Lab 2
Feb. 14 Feb. 15
Feb. 18
Presidents' Day
Feb. 19
Monday Schedule
Feb. 20
Feb. 21 Feb. 22
Feb. 25 Feb. 26
Lab 3
Feb. 27
Lab 3
Feb. 28 Mar. 1
Mar. 4 Mar. 5
Lab 4
Mar. 6
Lab 4
Mar. 7 Mar. 8
Mar. 11 Mar. 12
Lab 5
Mar. 13
Lab 5
Mar. 14 Mar. 15
Mar. 18
Spring Break
Mar. 19
Spring Break
Mar. 20
Spring Break
Mar. 21
Spring Break
Mar. 22
Spring Break
Mar. 25 Mar. 26
Lab 6
Mar. 27
Lab 6
Mar. 28 Mar. 29
Apr. 1 Apr. 2
Lab 7
Apr. 3
Lab 7
Apr. 4 Apr. 5
Apr. 8 Apr. 9
Lab 8
Apr. 10
Lab 8
Apr. 11 Apr. 12
Apr. 15
Patriots' Day
Apr. 16
Lab 9
Maldi-TOF Biotyper ID
Apr. 17
Lab 9
Maldi-TOF Biotyper ID
Apr. 18 Apr. 19
Apr. 22 Apr. 23
No Lab
Apr. 24
Apr. 25 Apr. 26
Apr. 29 Apr. 30
Lab 10
Lab Practical and Final Paper Consultation
May 1
Lab 10
Lab Practical and Final Paper Consultation
May 2 May 3
May. 6 May 7
Tues Lab Paper Due
May 8
NO Lab
Wed Lab Paper Due
Last day of
May 9 May 10

Weekly Topics

BISC209 Weekly Lab Topics

Lab # LAB DATES__ IN LAB WORK__________________ OUTSIDE OF LAB WORK________
1 Tues. 2/5-
Wed. 2/6
Introduction to Microbiology Lab

Lab Safety
Tools and Techniques of Microbiologist: Aseptic Transfer,
Intro to Soil Microbial Community Project:Soil sampling in Greenhouse habitat;Begin culture of soil organisms: make soil extract and begin enrichment for selected bacteria;
Start Plate Count of Culturable Soil Organisms

Visit the greenhouse and make notes on your selected habitat.

2 Tues. 2/12-
Wed. 2/13
Finish Plate Count & quantify cultured microbes by culture dependent method; Practice Streaking for Isolation; Make soil extract from dried soil and set up isolation of spore-forming bacteria; Continue enrichment & isolation of selected groups of bacteria Assess your isolation streaking and continue to isolation streak to pure culture. ON the MORNING OF LAB 3 Collect A NEW SOIL SAMPLE from your group's sampling site. (Materials available for pick up in the lab.)
3 Tues. 2/26-
Wed. 2/27

Isolation of Culturable Bacteria. Evaluate streaking for isolation. Make another soil extract and serial dilution Start CLPP: Community Level Physiological Profiling: Carbon source utilization; Continue selection & isolation, of desired bacterial groups;
Community exoexyzme profiling (starch & cellulose digesters, phosphate solubilizers).

Collect data from BIOLOG ECO plates;. Check on cultures and continue isolation to pure culture.
4 Tues. 3/5-
Wed. 3/6
Isolation of Culturable Bacteria: Examine cultures and pick unique isolated colonies of your soil bacteria
Community Exoenzyme assessment; CLPP analysis and calculations of carbon source utilization
Complete isolation to pure culture and set up fresh pure cultures 24-48 hours prior to next lab.
5 Tues. 3/12-
Wed. 3/13
Culturable Bacteria: Make new cultures from each of your pure cultures of your soil bacteria isolates.

Use a pure culture of each isolate to its amplify 16srRNA gene by pcr. Clean up pcr product. Perform agarose gel electrophoresis of pcr product to assess success of amplification.

Set up fresh isolate cultures 24-48 hours prior to next lab as needed.
6 Tues. 3/26 -
Wed. 3/27
Isolate Testing: Perform physical characteristics tests: smear slide, Gram stain, confirm Gram stain with selective media, start an antibiotic production test.
Set up fresh isolate cultures 24-48 hours prior to next lab as needed.
7 Tues. 4/2-
Wed. 4/3
Isolates Testing: Start motility test and MNM tests; Continue antibiotic production test; Read Gram stain confirmation by selective media, Start Bacterial interactions test.
Set up fresh isolate cultures 24-48 hours prior to next lab.
8 Tues. 4/9-
Wed. 4/10
Cont. Isolates testing: Complete and read antibiotic production test, interactions, MNM tests. Special Staining as indicated.
Set up fresh isolate cultures 24 hours prior to next lab for freezing.
9 Tues. 4/16-
Wed. 4/17
Maldi-TOF biotyper ID of isolates and freezing Isolates
Set up fresh isolate cultures if needed.
10 Tues. 4/23-
Wed. 4/24 RHULMAN
No Formal LABS - Freeze isolates if not completed in lab 9

11 Tues. 4/30-
Wed. 5/1
Lab Practical and Paper Rough Draft
12 Tues. 5/7-
Wed. 5/8
PAPER DUE Final Paper Due by 5pm uploaded to Sakai AND in hard copy to your instructor's office if she requests it.