Antibody:LS-C38296 mouse monoclonal PTBP1

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anti PTBP1
Antibody Type  mouse monoclonal
Target UniProt ID  PTBP1_HUMAN
Cross-Reactive w  mouse, rat?
Not Cross-Reactive w  ?
Raised Against  human, recombinant, full-length? PTBP1
Provider  Lifespan
Suitability for..
Western Blot  untested
Immunoprecipitation  untested
Staining fixed cells   worked
Staining cryo-sections  worked
Staining paraffin sections  untested

Comparison immunofluorescence of several Ptbp1 antibodies

Comparison of immunofluorescence on mouse pancreatic islet cryosections. Lifespan antibody at the top left. Similar labelling quality to Invitrogen/Zymed Ptbp1 antibody bottom right. Much better than other 2 antibodies.

Origin of the antibody

Lifespan stated that they did not generate this antibody but were unable to name the source of the reagent. It appears possible that this is indeed a duplicate of the Zymed/Invitrogen Ptbp1 antibody. --- JS 11:25, 14 September 2010 (EDT)

"..antibody LS-C38296 is not cultured in-house here at LifeSpan. We do not acquire the antibody from Invitrogen, but looking at the data sheets, I agree with you. They appear to be the same product.... I am not sure who originally developed the clone." [email replies from antibodies at lsbio 2010-09]

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