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This template should be added to the main page of all antibodies documented on this wiki (and only the main page). It will add a useful infobox using the information supplied (see below) and will automatically add the antibody to [[Category:All antibodies]].


Cutting and pasting the text below will create an infobox (see right):

|name          =
|antibodytype  =
|uniprotid     =
|xreactive     =
|nonxreactive  =
|against       =
|provider-name =
|provider-url  =
|westernblot   =
|ip            =
|icc           =
|ihc-cryo      =
|ihc-paraffin  =

For help with parameter values, see below.

List of OpenWetWare Antibodies
anti {{{name}}}
Antibody Type  {{{antibodytype}}}
Target UniProt ID  {{{uniprotid}}}
Cross-Reactive w  {{{xreactive}}}
Not Cross-Reactive w  {{{nonxreactive}}}
Raised Against  {{{against}}}
Provider  [{{{provider-url}}} {{{provider-name}}}]
Suitability for..
Western Blot  {{{westernblot}}}
Immunoprecipitation  {{{ip}}}
Staining fixed cells   {{{icc}}}
Staining cryo-sections  {{{ihc-cryo}}}
Staining paraffin sections  {{{ihc-paraffin}}}

Content parameters

This section describes parameters that govern infobox content.

name Name of the antibody e.g. gamma Tubulin 1 Abcam 12345
antibodytype Type of antibody e.g. mouse monoclonal, lama polyclonal, etc.
uniprotid UNIPROT Database id of the antibody e.g. P23258
xreactive Cross-reactive against: antibody works against proteins of these species; e.g. human and mouse
nonxreactive Not Cross-reactive with: antibody does not recognise proteins of these species; e.g. rat
against Raised Against: type of molecule the antibody was raised against; e.g. peptide or full-length protein
provider-name Commercial Provider or source for this antibody based upon experience.
provider-url Commercial Provider URL: web page related to this antibody.
westernblot Suitable for Western Blotting: Is the antibody suitable for Western Blotting? Possible values: failed, worked, uncertain, untested
ip Immunoprecipitation: as above; does the antibody work in this experiment? Possible values: failed, worked, uncertain, untested
icc Immunocytochemistry: As above; please add the evidence to the main page. Possible values: failed, worked, uncertain, untested
ihc-cryo Immuno-histo-cryo-chemistry: Possible values: failed, worked, uncertain, untested
ihc-paraffin Immuno-histo-paraffin-chemistry: Possible values: failed, worked, uncertain, untested

Using the infobox

Existing antibody pages

If you want to add the infobox to an existing page, copy and paste the code at the top of this page.

Enhancing this template

If you would like to improve on this template, thanks! This is a complicated template so here is some help along the way:

Fixing documentation

If you would like to fix documentation, please be aware that documentation and code is split into two files:

  • Template:Antibody/doc - stores all documentation.
  • Template:Antibody - stores only the code for the template and a small amount of non-included material (category links, transcluded documentation link).

In addition, Template:Antibody/Sample stores the boiler plate that is preloaded into newly created pages and contains some basic documentation on how to fill in the template parameters. It needs to be kept in sync with Template:Antibody/doc.

Infobox parameters

In general:

  • To make this template easy to use, each label in the infobox is linked to documentation on the template parameter(s) it displays. If you add a parameter, please be sure to also add it to the content parameter documentation and link its label to that documentation.

Test case

See if the following pages are still ok, after edited this template.