Antibody:32-4800 mouse monoclonal PTBP1

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anti PTBP1 32-4800 Invitrogen (Zymed)
Antibody Type  mouse monoclonal
Target UniProt ID  PTBP1_HUMAN
Cross-Reactive w  mouse, rat
Not Cross-Reactive w  ?
Raised Against  human, recombinant, full-length PTBP1
Provider  Invitrogen (formerly Zymed)
Suitability for..
Western Blot  worked
Immunoprecipitation  worked
Staining fixed cells   worked
Staining cryo-sections  worked
Staining paraffin sections  untested

Comparison immunofluorescence of several Ptbp1 antibodies

Comparison of immunofluorescence on mouse pancreatic islet cryosections. Invitrogen/Zymed Ptbp1 antibody bottom right. Similar IF quality to Lifespan (top left). Much better than other 2 antibodies.

Cell line IF

Antibody labelling of the same batch of INS1 cell line with the PTBP1 antibody from Zymed, now sold by Invitrogen, shows the typical nuclear labelling of PTBP1. The Everest goat antibody (middle) showed no specific staining above the unspecific fluorescence also observed in the no primary antibody control (right).

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