Goat PTBP1 antibody (EB06088)

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anti PTBP1 (EB06088)
Antibody Type  goat polyclonal
Target UniProt ID  P26599
Cross-Reactive w  mouse, rat
Raised Against  N-terminal peptide DGIVPDIAVGTKR
Provider  Everest Biotech
Suitability for..
Western Blot  worked
Staining fixed cells   failed
Staining cryo-sections 
Staining paraffin sections  worked


All pages above show the same protein blot. Everest is the original producer according to a statement on their page. abcam and Sigma are re-sellers not referencing the source of the product.

Experimental data

According to the Everest product page the antibody worked in a paraffin sections of human skin [1] and was used in Galban'08 (PMID 17967866, [2]). This study also shows protein blots using the antibody in figure 6.

Antibody labelling of the same batch of INS1 cell line with the Everest goat antibody (middle) showed no specific staining beyond the unspecific fluorescence also observed in the no primary antibody control (right). Another antibody for PTBP1 from Zymed now sold by Invitrogen shows the typical nuclear labelling of PTBP1 in this cell line. - JS