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Spotfire based Analytic Solutions for Life Sciences Informatics

The Spotfire Enterprise Analytics platform offers a radically faster business intelligence experience and is far more adaptable to specific industry and business challenges than traditional alternatives. Spotfire plotform has three major components

  • Spotfire Analytical Server
  • Spotfire Decision Site Client
  • Spotfire DXP Client

Currently Spotfire is used from early stage discovery research to sales force optimization.

  • Target and Biomarker Discovery: DecisionSite provides unique capabilities to analyze the wealth of “omics” data; enabling customers to more effective identify new drug targets and biomarkers.
  • Lead Discovery and Optimization: DecisionSite enables biologists to get insights from their assay data and chemists to get insight into structure-property-activity relationships.
  • Pharmacovigilance: DecisionSite offers a unique environment for evaluating safety data, enabling analysts to uncover associations between an adverse event and a particular patient demographic.
  • Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Analytics: DecisionSite facilitates a deeper understanding of target markets, consumer trends, and competitors to deploy more effective sales and marketing strategies.
  • Clinical Trials Analysis: DecisionSite providers a powerful and flexible analytic platform for the analysis of clinical data.

Analytical Server

Spotfire analytical server is a must in a company or organization environment and Spotfire DXP and DecisionSite Clients will be connecting and communicating with the Spotfire Analytical Server for different services and functionalities. One can use the DXP as well as DecisionSite Components without Spotfire Analytical Server also which will support only basic functionalities. Spotfire Analytical Server helps in Deploying and Distributing the Specialized Analytical Services(like Decision Site for Functional Genomics,DecisionSite for Microarray Analysis,DecisionSite for DecisionSite etc), Library Services(Stores the Guides-Analysis Workflow for Domain Specific Problems), Information Services(Provides Access to Different type of Databases and Data Models) and User services(Managing User Accounts and their functionalities).

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DecisionSite is used by discovery and pharmaceutical researcher in a wide variety of areas including target identification, genotyping, protein expression, high-throughput screening, SAR Analysis, ADME/Tox,Functional Genomics, Microarray Data Analysis and others.

DecisionSite For Functional Genomics(DSFG)

Spotfire’s DecisionSite for Functional Genomics enables research groups to quickly find and categorize important genes and gene expression patterns. It includes the ability to connect to gene ontologies(GO Browser). That is, this program makes it easier to go from a cluster of genes that behave similarly in an experiment to understanding where this group of genes is found—in a statistically significant way—in pathways or cellular locations. In addition, this program incorporates visualization capabilities that let users examine the expression and annotation dimensions of their data. DecisionSite also allows researchers to take advantage of an open-source statistical environment called R.

Gene Isolation: DecisionSite for Functional Genomics offers highly interactive visualization and filtering that facilitates the rapid isolation of genes of interest.

Hypothesis Testing: Interactive data analysis tools for normalization, clustering, treatment comparison, profile searching, and PCA analysis in DecisionSite for Functional Genomics provide capabilities to rapidly test many hypotheses.

Data Access: DecisionSite for Functional Genomics provides a wide range of genomic data from flat files, databases, and web sources, enabling unlimited breadth of analysis. DecisionSite for Functional Genomics provides one-click access to Affymetrix databases, Affymetrix CHP files, and additional microarray file formats. DecisionSite also has strong support for generic flat file, ODBC or JDBC data sources.

DecisionSite For Microarray Analysis(DSMA)

The new DecisionSite for Microarray Analysis (DSMA) tool combined with Spotfire's DecisionSite and DecisionSite for Functional Genomics (DSFG), offers an array of visual analytics options for more efficiently identifying potential drug targets. DecisionSite for Microarray Analysis is powered by S-PLUS® to provide multiple methods of probe level analysis, normalization, quality assessment and advanced statistics for secondary analysis of both Affymetrix and 2-Channel microarray experiments. The software provides tools for access, processing, normalization and analysis of data derived from both Affymetrix GeneChip and two-channel array technologies. Analysis is driven through a series of guides that allow the user to choose from a number of advanced analysis paths that include methods of expression summarization, pattern detection, and multifactor analysis of variants.

DSMA offers to power users’ additional computational functionality used and accepted in gene expression analysis such as import and processing of Affymetrix CEL and CHP files; CEL file processing with RMA and GCRMA algorithms; incorporation of advanced clustering methods; multifactor ANOVA to support complex experimental design with error correction; flexibility in handling and comparing different array technologies; and the ability to easily arrange a sequence of steps into guided workflows that can be reused and distributed.

Spotfire Advantage -Computation Services

Spotfire’s Computation Services framework supports the R Open Source Bioconductor libraries for gene expression analysis as well as the full suite of algorithms and libraries from commercial users of Insightful’s S-Plus and SAS. Computational Services are basically used to incorporate the Specific Analysis procedures by coding new algorithms which are not available with existing resources.

DecisionSite for Lead Discovery

DecisionSite for Lead Discovery gives high throughput screening labs, medicinal chemists, and computational chemists a highly visual and interactive environment that provides valuable insight into the effect of chemical structures on biological targets. The application environment is designed for easily visualizing and interactively filtering through extremely large, complex datasets, allowing you to focus on the question at hand, not on the software.

Access and display: DecisionSite for Lead Discovery can access and display structures from your cartridge or local data source. Supported vendors include MDL® ,Accelrys®, CambridgeSoft®, Daylight®, and IDBS®, or the flexible integration platform underneath can be easily extended to accommodate your structure storage and display environment.

Interactive tools: DecisionSite for Lead Discovery allows structure searching, activity profiling, clustering on properties/structural descriptors and list management.

Guided steps: DecisionSite for Lead Discovery helps isolate compounds based on properties and assay results.

Chemistry Services: Chemistry Services is the flexible integration technology embedded in DecisionSite for Lead Discovery that enables structure retrieval and display from practically any source. Integrates with any chemistry cartridge data source, our chemists have unprecedented analytical and decision making power when it comes to drug research and discovery.


Excellent Data Visualization,Data Presentation and Data Handling Capabilities.

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