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Research & Projects


  • Nucleic Acid Thermodynamics Prediction:Role of Structural and Environmental factors along with Sequence related features
  • Hydrogen bonds and similar type of non-bonded interactions( Non- Canonical π Interactions and Halogen Bonds):Application in Biology and Chemistry
  • New Data Mining Methods:Mass Spectroscopy analysis of peptides
  • DNA Sequence Comparisons, Classification and Deciphering relationship between Sequence Structure and Function using Wavelet based methods
  • Classification of Proteins based on Shadow Indices
  • Prediction of logP and Solubility:Consensus Model with better Prediction Accuracy
  • eSIFT(Extended Structural Interaction Fingerprint) & Post Docking Interaction Analysis:Application to Virtual Screening
  • Workflow Based Framework for Life Sciences Informatics
  • Spotfire based Visual Analytics Framework for Microarray Data Analysis and Functional Genomics


Check on fallowing website- http://abhishek-tiwari.com/ http://icodons.com/iCODONS/

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