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Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator

Project browser

Final System Molecular Prey-Predator Oscillator
Final Constructs Prey construct Predator construct
Test Constructs Test Sensing Prey Test Prey production Test Sensing Predator Test Killing Predator


Oscillators are a fundamental building block in many fields of engineering and are a widespread phenomenon in biology. Building a biological oscillator is thus a critical step forward in the field of Synthetic Biology.

Engineering a Molecular Predation Oscillator, the iGEM project 2006 of Imperial College London, provides a new approach to creating a stable biological oscillator: It follows an engineering-based cycle of specification, design, modelling, implementation and testing/validation. The innovative design of the oscillator relies on predator-prey dynamics based on the Lotka-Volterra model.

Detail theoretical modelling showing how our system might be able to work!! Click here