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Super Parts Prey Construct
Actual Part T9002.JPG
T9002: Test Sensing Prey Construct
Sub Parts F2620 intermediate_part intermediate_part


  • This testing part, the Test Sensing Prey Construct, is representing the sensitivity of the prey cell towards the prey molecule (AHL)
  • This part allows us to quantise the activation of gene expression by different concentrations of AHL and is used to assay AHL
  • This testing part allows us to investigate three parameters:
    • How different AHL levels activate genes at a constant LuxR expression (The transfer function of pLuxR)
    • How much AHL is present, by referring to the transfer function
    • How LuxR levels effect gene activation

Part interface

Prey Molecule PoPs

Expected Behavior and Performance

System level specifications
Properties Specifications
Input Range(s) Input range of the prey should cover the total dynamic range of the prey.
Output Range Output range of the PoPs can be any range, needs to be measurable with Wallac Victor III Fluorimeter.
Transfer function(s) TransferFunctPrey.png
Latency to be characterized
Robustness ...
Variability Variability at the population level (day to day) should be as low as possible (10%)

Open issues

  • list known issues