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Evaluation of the BluePippin Prep:

Isolation of individual bands Here, the pippin prep has been used to isolate individual bands (lane 1-5) of a 50bp ladder (lane L). This isolation can be preprogrammed or based on peak position. Band isolation is useful for cloning and purification of PCR products.
BMC pippinTest1b.png
BMC pippinTest1a.png
Creating tight size distributions Here the Pippin prep was used to isolate tight bands from a broad distribution. Band sizes of +/-25bp can be isolated from 1.5% agarose cassettes. Tight size selection is useful in RNAseq and small RNAseq.
BMC pippinTest2c.png
BMC pippinTest2b.png
How tight can the Blue Pippin go Effect of band window on yield. To evaluate the importance of the window size on yield, we tested different sized windows on a standard Illumina library. We do notice significant decreases in yield when the window is smaller than 80bp without a comparable increase in resolution.
BMC pippinTest3.png