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Actually some progress....

On Tuesday, we streaked plates of the red fluorescent protein (J04450) from group 13 so we would be able to make minipreps. We also ran PCR of our Lux superpart. We amplified the part without the GFP region so we can add the red fluorescent protein later. On Wednesday we made overnight cultures of the red fluorescent protein and took the PCR product out of the machine and stored it overnight in the fridge. Today we ran a gel of the PCR product to make sure our PCR worked correctly before we add the enzymes to make the over hangs we need for ligation in the future. We will make minipreps on Tuesday. We also ordered more primers (Chips and Salsa) for the red fluorescent protein because it is under control of the Lac promoter and we need it to be under control of the Lux promoter so we will ligate the Lux promoter to it.