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Team Members

  • Morgan Haskell
  • Coby Turner

Oscillating fluorescence in E. coli

  • Here we'll create oscillating fluorescence in E. coli by using positive and negative feedback loops.
  • 1. Obtain our separate biobrick parts(positive feedback loop, negative feedback loop, and fluorescent protein gene), transform them into E. coli to check if they work.
  • 2. Combine positive feedback loop and fluorescent protein gene together,and leave negative feedback loop on one plasmid.
  • 3. Transform both plasmids into E. coli.
  • 4. Monitor intensity of fluorescence change.

Important Results and Milestones

  • our .ppt presentation http://www.openwetware.org/images/d/da/Flashingbacteria3.pptx
  • keep track of your most important results and refer to the corresponding page in your notebook
  • upload important pictures (don't forget to label them! Powerpoint is very convenient). Remember: these will become quite handy later in your summary report or final presentation. If you do label and upload the pictures as soon as you got them, your summary report can be written much more effortlessly (do you usually procrastinate? This is chance to do some work before hand that frees you up for finals week).
  • Final presentation http://openwetware.org/images/1/1a/Group_12_final_presentation.pptx



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