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Running out of options

On Monday, over night cultures of our Red Fluorescent protein (aka RFP part J04450)were prepared for Tuesday's mini prep lab. Then on Tuesday, we made our minipreps of our RFP part so we could do PCR on Thursday. We also ordered primers, chips and salsa, last week so we dissolved those to make oligo stock solutions. Today we made new 1 in 10 dilutions of the Lux superpart primers (Lucy and Ricky) and made 1 in 10 dilutions of the new primers for the RFP (Chips and Salsa). We re-did the PCR for the Lux superpart because it did not work properly last week, and also did PCR on the RFP part for the first time. We are still waiting on our AiiA part order to arrive. If that part arrives we will transform it next week. If the part does not arrive, we are going to ligate the RFP and superpart together. If that superpart fails again, then we are going to have to work on our final presentation.