2020(S12) Lecture:week 9

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Week 9 Tuesday


Work day in advance of tomorrow's Tech Spec Review.

Week 9 Studio

Technical Specification Review

  • Starting @3PM
  • in 16-220

Today we will hear from each topic area. After each presentation you will be asked to offer feedback to the presenters on the relative merits of the:

  • system's design in terms of devices
  • system's design in terms of parts
  • system's timing diagram that shows anticipated system operation
  • if available, the simulation of a small module or portion within system
  • plan for testing and debugging
  • impact of the proposed system
  • concerns raised and open issues
  • "GO/NO GO" decision

Tomorrow you'll hear back from the instructors/senior mentors as well, and will begin the hard work of optimizing your system.


Week 9 Thursday

Project Re-design

Based on the work you've done so far, the questions you heard yesterday after your presentation and the short amount of feedback you'll get today, it's time to prioritize what work still needs to get done on your project. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to offer tools for implementing different natural and engineered solutions, and we will try to provide consultants working in these fields to help you see your project through their more experienced eyes. You should leave today's class with a clear sense of what the work flow for the next few weeks will be.


Enjoy the Patriot's Day Monday, and the holiday on Tuesday!!! See you Wednesday of next week.