2020(S12) Lecture:week 13

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Part 1: Assessment for all

As part of a 20.020 study, you are asked to complete this brief online survey. Your responses will help gauge the impact of 20.020 and help us know if the class is working. The survey takes less than 20 minutes to complete.

In order for the data to be of value, a high response rate is needed; you may complete the survey during class or at another time. By completing it, you will help strengthen the 20.020 experience for next year's class.

To access the survey, please go to this link.

The Teaching and Learning Laboratory will analyze the data and report findings in the aggregate. No one involved in grading the class will be aware of how any individual student responds. Participating in the survey study is completely voluntary. You may decline to answer any or all questions. You may decline further participation at any time without adverse consequences. If you have questions about the administration of this survey, please contact Dr. Rudy Mitchell in the Teaching and Learning Laboratory (rudy AT mit DOT edu).

Part 2: Assessment for some

If you're able, please consider participating in a short (20') interview this week with Rudy Mitchell, Associate Director, Assessment & Evaluation, MIT's Teaching and Learning Lab. He is studying 20.020.

  • Interviews will be held in his office (5-122).
  • A sign-up sheet will be circulated. Please choose a 20 minute time block. During your time block, you will be asked on the order of 5 questions about the class. Your answers will not impact your grade in any way.
  • Participants will receive 2 movie tickets to the Kendall Square Cinema.

These interviews are confidential, responses are reported only in the aggregate as themes, or as anonymous quotes to illustrate a point. Dr. Mitchell usually uses a voice recorder to tape interviews in order to verify his notes; if you prefer, he will not tape. The audio files will be housed only on his computer and deleted once he completes the study; the latest date for file deletion will be June, 2013.

It is important that you understand that participating in the survey study is completely voluntary. You may decline to answer any or all questions. You may decline further participation, at any time, without adverse consequences.

Thank you for your help in making 20.020 the best class it can be!!

Week 13 Tuesday

Project work day

Week 13 Studio

Project work day

Your final presentations will be made one week from today!

Week 13 Thursday

Project work day

Checklist (?):

  • Review requirements for presentation and final documentation that's due next week
  • Get any outstanding questions answered
  • Get plans in order for any weekend work that will need to be done.
  • Optional: draft final blog post and summary thoughts.