20.20(S09): Schedule

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Biological Engineering Design
Lecture Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-1:00

Week 1 Tue Feb 3 design, build, test
Thur Feb 5 science as a take-apart
Week 2 Tue Feb 10 engineering as a rebuild
Thur Feb 12 decide what's worth doing
President's Day Feb 16 No lecture Feb 17
Week 3 Thur Feb 19 knowns vs unknowns
Week 4 Tue Feb 24 alternative technologies
Thur Feb 26 Lego™phoresis
Week 5 Tue Mar 3 Project work day with advanced students
Thur Mar 5 Scientist as activist watch Cambridge City Council hearings
Week 6 Tue Mar 10 Guest Lecture
WEDNESDAY, Mar 11: 3 Ideas Presentations
Thur Mar 12 3 ideas feedback
final project selection
Wed 20.902/947 presentation moved to today
Week 7 Tue Mar 17 Polkadorks/Devices/Parts
Thur Mar 19 lab safety, environmental safety Guest Lecture from 20.902/947 students on resurrection of 1918 flu virus
Spring Break Mar 23-27 No class all week
Week 8 Tue Mar 31 timing diagrams
Thur Apr 2 cost, time analysis
Week 9 Tue Apr 7 validation/debugging
work day in advance of Tech Spec Review
WEDNESDAY, Apr 8: Tech Spec Review
Thur Apr 9 Tech Spec feedback Wed 20.902/947 paper discussion moved to today
Week 10 Tues Apr 14 reliability
Thur Apr 16 project work day
Patriot's Day April 20-21 No lecture Apr 21
Week 11 Thur Apr 23 Parts/Registry
Week 12 Tue Apr 28 sourcing regulations related to your project guest lecture from Howard Silver,
MIT libraries
Thur Apr 30 oral presentation instruction
Week 13 Tue May 5 lecture not required for 20.020 students but attend if you wish 20.902/947 article PMID 11805323
presented by Han Zhu
WEDNESDAY, May 6: Final Presentations Day 1
Thur May 7 Q/A day
Week 14 Tue May 12 lecture not required for 20.020 students but attend if you wish 20.902/947 article PMID 17355173
presented by Jessica L Keenan
WEDNESDAY, May 13: Final Presentations Day 2
Thur May 14 Wrap-up