2020(S09) Lecture:week 12

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Week 12 Tuesday

Week 12 Studio


  • oncoCURES (metastasis detector)
  • Boost the Body (Hep C treatment)
    • Lee Gehrke 4:30 26-152
    • Kevin Solomon, Kris Prather's lab, 2-3PM 26-152
  • Meat! (in vitro meat/food)
    • Jason Matheny, Director New Harvest skype call, jgmatheny 3PM
    • Luis Alvarez, Linda Griffith's lab 11:30 26-152 on Thursday 04/30
  • Sleep be Gone (recently switched from Alzheimer's treatment)
  • ENERGYneeing (algae biofuel)
  • Trash to Treasure (accelerated composting)
    • Randi Mail, Cambridge recycling director, Tuesday of next week...05/05
    • Chia Wu, Fink lab 2:30 26-152
    • Roger Brent or A. Colman-Lerner, MSI

Week 12 Thursday

Lecture: Tips on giving talks

Today we considered tip and tricks that you might use to construct and deliver even better presentations. Here is a link to the slides (with some notes): PDF and here's a YouTube video that illustrates a lot of powerpoint "do's" and "don'ts."
Happy Presenting!