20.109(S07): old announcements

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from Mod3

  • On the reagants list for Day 3, the reverse primer that most of you used (anneals to part of URA3 sequence) was labeled incorrectly. The primer name is still misleading (because that is the name it was ordered under, it will not be changed on the wiki either), BUT the description of where the primer anneals (all the way to the right in the table!) has been updated and is correct. The primer is 30 bases long and anneals to URA3 sequence 191-220 after ATG. Hope that clarification helps!
  • Check the discussion tab on the M3D4 page to see images of the PCR products from the reactions that we set up on Day 3, to check for proper insert of the URA3 gene marker in place of the SAGA subunit you chose to delete
  • Check the discussion tab on the M3D1 page to see the image of your PCR products from the Day 1 reaction (+template and negative control) run out on a gel, and for a quick summary of what we did!
  • PDFs of M3 lecture slides available from Schedule link
  • Welcome back from Spring Break! If you want to resubmit the Mod 1 essay, please email your revision to NK and DE before you arrive for lab on 4.3 or 4.4.

from Mod2

  • Oral presentations for Mod2 will be held Thursday March 22nd and Friday March 23rd from 1-5 in 56-402.

from Mod1

  • Don't forget the first draft of your first writing assignment is due March 1 or 2. Please email to NK, DE, and HB before coming to lab that day.
  • Note: I've added a few direct links from the Mod1 homepage to help retrieve the M13 refactoring work---
    Nkuldell 11:47, 23 February 2007 (EST)
  • the images of the gels from Mod1 Day2 have now been posted to the talk page associated with the Mod1 Day 2 lab: nice looking gels
  • if you start a new wiki page for the M13 redesign work, be sure to name it according to established page naming rules, namely "your user name: M13 foo" to distinguish it from everyone else's M13-related pages. Thanks!