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Diagnostic digests to examine candidate clones


  • are all 4 candidates giving the same pattern?
  • are any giving the expected pattern?
  • do the results of both diagnostic digests agree?
  • do you know the enzyme(s) cut?

If you're still having trouble understanding your results, ask your lab partner and then ask one of the teaching faculty. You'll get to examine one of the four candidates by Western blot. If you don't think any are right, choose a candidate that looks like the original M13K07. If you don't have one of these, then roll the dice and we'll see next time.

Agarose gels from W/F lab

The original photos can be examined if you'd find that helpful. Just ask NK.

WF lab blue(top gel) and red (bottom gel)
WF lab green (top gel) and purple (bottom gel)
WF lab pink (top gel) and yellow (bottom gel)

Agarose gels from T/R lab

I'm wicked sorry but I left the wrong molecular weight markers for you to run on the gels. The sizes are smaller than the ones we've been using and the details of this marker can be found at this link. If your samples are loaded on the bottom lanes of the gel, you'll be able to see only the top three band of the molecular weight markers (= 1.5, 1.2 and 1.0 kb).

TR lab pink (top gel) and purple (bottom gel)
TR lab yellow (top gel) and red (bottom gel)
TR lab green (top gel) and blue (bottom gel)

For Next Time

Question 2. It would be nice if in future years, students are given refactoring as an assignment for one day and redesign (Adding in a new function) for the next time.