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Hi Natalie,

I thought the following UROP might be of interest to any Biological Engineering undergraduates you are in contact with. Any help you can provide in distributing the description is much appreciated. This description has already been sent to Biology undergraduates.


Beth Conlin

Beth Conlin Education Program Coordinator Laboratory for Energy and the Environment Massachusetts Institute of Technology E40-481, 1 Amherst St. Cambridge, MA 02139 617-452-3199

Mathematical Ecology UROP – Spring 2007

A UROP is available in the laboratory of Prof. George Verghese exploring topics in mathematical ecology, examining the propagation of infections through networks. The position will help a graduate student in the initial application of theoretical conclusions to actual data. The UROP student will learn how locate, manipulate and apply GIS data to the problem, specifically figuring out how to extrapolate networks from the geographical data. The project is open-ended and can go in a variety of different directions according to the preferences and talents of the student. MIT has well-structured resources for learning to use GIS software, which will be made available to the student if needed.

This UROP is part of the Martin Family UROP program. This program supports UROPs working closely with graduate fellows on environmental and sustainability research. Participating students develop a mentoring relationship with a graduate student and network with graduate and undergraduate students working across the disciplines. For more information, go to [1][2].

If you are interested in the Spring 2007 Mathematical Ecology UROP, please send a resume (including cumulative GPA) and brief statement of interest by email to Dr. Amanda Graham (agraham AT mit DOT edu).