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Hi Rumi,

I noticed that you are trying to post some information for 20.309 on the site. Here are a few tips that may help you out.

  1. We suggest that you name all pages according to the course. For example, instead of Homeworks:Homework1, perhaps 20.309:Homeworks/Homework 1. That way it is obvious that the page belongs to 20.309. (We have several courses on the site, so the page title Homeworks:Homework1 is a bit ambiguous.) Plus, then all your changes show up at Special:Recentchanges/20.309.
  2. To rename existing pages, see Help:Renaming pages.
  3. You can include spaces in page titles. For example, instead of 20.309:LabManualElectronicsIntroduction, you could name it 20.309:Lab Manual Electronics Introduction. (Again, just rename the page if you like.)
  4. You can include formatted latex on a page by putting into <math></math> tags. For example,
    gives . And
    gives .

Let me know if you need any more help. You can just leave a message either here or on my talk page.

Thanks and welcome to OpenWetWare.