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Hi there,

I noticed that you had made some changes to LabPageTemplate1. If you want to start a new page for your lab or group, I would suggest you create a new page. Generally, these pages are named according to the last name of the professor of the lab. For example, my lab's main page is at Knight and we have various subpages at Knight:Equipment and Knight:Protocols and Knight:Contact.

You could also name your page something like Malaria and Toxoplasma Lab and related pages as Malaria and Toxoplasma Lab:Protocols, Malaria and Toxoplasma Lab:Contact, Malaria and Toxoplasma Lab:People etc.

To make a new page, just create a link (like those above). You can do this on your user page and just copy the wiki code to your new page (whatever you decide to call it). Happy to help if you like. Just let me know. Thanks for joining OWW.

-Reshma 11:28, 14 November 2006 (EST)