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This Hodgepodge script is actually a mixture of various scripts that I picked up from Wikipedia over time. It includes scripts for just about every non administrative ability that anyone could ask for. While this script is ideal for non-administrators, Administrators could probably use it as well. Some feedback would be welcome on how administrative ability to use it.

What it includes

This script includes the following outside scripts:

Nav popups
MarkS Extra buttons
Lupins anti vandal tool
AFD helper

As well as many more...

This script includes the following abilities:

  • Request for page protection in one click
  • Revert vandalism and warn vandals quickly
  • Notify vandals quickly to administrators
  • Tag pages for speedy deletion in one click
  • Quickly nominate pages for deletion
  • Quickly propose pages for deletion
  • View recent edits updated
  • View filtered recent edits which show edits contain "bad words"
  • A live spell checker which updates every few seconds and includes misspelled words in articles
  • One click "Unwatch" which allows you to unwatch pages from your watchlist
  • Ability to view pages without opening them with Popups, convenient for vandalism fighting
  • Quickly tag images for deletion in one click
  • Quickly mark images as lacking relevant information
  • One click easy AFD helper, allows you to post your opinion on Articles for deletion.
  • Quickly tag pages for "Wikify", "Copyedit", "POV", "Unreferenced", Etc
  • Welcome new users in one easy click
  • Quickly see All logs in left toolbox
  • Quickly see creation logs in left toolbox
  • Quickly see all recent block logs in left toolbox
  • Highligts all administrators on talk pages in cyan
  • Change your status from "online" to "busy" to "offline".
  • Quick navigation button which allows more tab room.
  • Ability to move quickly images from wikipedia to commons.

As well as many more abilities...

Why use this script?

This script is the result of a lot of time I have spent using various scripts and picking the best. This script is a collection of the best scripts available and can easily improve ones ability to do a vast amount of things quickly and easily. While I did not create most of these scripts, I have merged them into a one in all script that I believe could help many users.

How to install

All you need to do to use this script is add the following code to your monobook.js file. Click here (User:YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE/monobook.js) for your monobook.js file. Simply click it and replace any code you have with the following code:

// [[User:Wikidudeman/wikidudemandeluxe.js]]      

If you have any problems with it, please let me know.


I use the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for this script. I also use Windows XP. I do not know if this script works in any other browsers or operating systems. You can download Firefox for free by clicking this link for windows, this link for mac and this link for linux.

I have tested this script on Internet Explorer and it does not work (at all). Please download firefox

This script will probably NOT work with other scripts due to the customization I had to implement to make all of the buttons fit. If you wish to use this script then your best bet is to remove all scripts from your monobook file prior to using it.

Since this script has a lot of various buttons, You might want to set your screen resolution to 1024 by 768 - 1152 by 864. Experiment to see which resolution works best for you and which allows you to see the buttons best.

How to use

This script comes natural to use after a while. Some of the buttons need a bit explaining though.

Rp= Request page protection
CSD= Tag page for speedy deletion
ARV= Report user to administrators
Warn= Warn user for breaking rules
UW= Mark user as being blocked, banned or customize warning
Banned= Tags userpage of banned user as being banned
Welcome = Adds various welcome tags to user talk pages.

  • The "Tag" button adds various tags to the article. In edit mode you can access more tags with the "more tags" button.

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