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The afd helper is a tool developed to help voting on Articles for Deletion and nominating articles for deletion.

How it works

Users equipped with the tool do not see [Edit] next to each entry on the AFD log page, but rather [Editvote]. Clicking the vote link asks the user for their vote (eg delete) and their comment (eg non-notable; I have now spent three hours researching the topic and have finally reached my verdict on the basis of ....). Once the user has filled these in (the comment being optional), the script proceeds to open a window, where it automatically adds the user's vote and comment, and saves the vote page.

Nomination is fulfilled by a link appearing in the left-hand toolbox entitled "Nominate AFD".

Please wait a few moments after the page is loaded before expecting afd helper to come into action!


One needn't have to go through the rigours of editing a page when all they want to do is the same in each vote: add a bullet point with a vote, a comment and a signature.


Has been used in Opera, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


If you are daring enough, edit your Wikipedia theme's script file (usually User:YOUR_USER_NAME_HERE/monobook.js) to include the following:

/**** afd helper ****/

/* This is to keep track of who is using this extension: [[User:Jnothman/afd_helper/script.js]] */

Remember to refresh your browser's cache before complaining it doesn't work!


If you wish to configure a particular option from the list below, add a line to your monobook.js after the script above, such as:

option_name = value;

(This table was borrowed, with thanks, from Wikipedia:Tools/Navigation popups.)

Configuration options
Option Values* Description
afdh_signature '~~~'
or custom signature, eg '[[User:Wikipedian|Wikipe]][[User_talk:Wikipedian|dian]]'
Use this to use your own custom signature that is too complicated for Wikipedia to automatically insert. Do not include the timestamp in the signature.
afdh_summaryprompt true, false If true, a prompt is given for the default edit summary (the entered vote) to be modified.
afdh_useicons true, false If true, icons are added prior to the vote, appropriate with the standard vote selected.

* Defaults are shown bold.

Script changes

If the script is changed (see also todo section below), your web browser may retain a cached copy of the old version. To update your cached copy, click here and refresh that page in your browser.

You may also need to refresh this script.

Comments? Suggestions? Complaints?

Give them in the talk page!


  • Safari prompt-cancelling bug
  • IE double-linebreak bug
  • Apostrophe bug (properly fixed 17 Dec, 2005!) (do any page titles have backslashes in them?)
  • Ampersand bug (patch may have fixed or broken apostrophe bug above)
  • Helper always opens in same window
  • Allow setting of non-default signature
  • Shortcuts for standard votes (eg d for delete)
  • Shortcuts for standard comments
  • No new window when vote clicked on non-log page
  • Prompt for edit summary (defaults to vote) - as an option
  • Test to ensure vote is not posted twice -- patch hasn't been tested; hard to do
  • Working for other deletion nominations / voting procedures
  • AFD submission (not just voting) - experimental
    • Wikilink in edit summaries
    • Frames -> open windows
    • Signature on nomination
    • Dealing with open windows
    • fix up for articles with HTML-entities in title - hopefully fixed
    • add at the top of nominations list - experimental
    • handle case where AFD already exists/closed for article
  • Rewrtie documentation above
  • Unicode character support in page names (more common in AFDs than outside of them)
  • Hide vote link after vote has been made
  • Ability to use vote icons
    • Off by default

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