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New reference hiding

The [REF], [TEMPL] button toggles the new references and template hiding! (This is broken in Firefox 3.5 due to a Firefox bug.)

Wikipedia Usability Initiative

Please rate wikEd and other tools in the current extension survey of the Wikipedia Usability Initiative which tries to increase the user-friendliness of Wikipedia for new users.

Please support wikEd by voting for the following Firefox bug fixes:

  • 502527 and 503685 Break reference and template hiding in Firefox 3.5
  • 440926 Breaks web link highlighting and linkification under Firefox > 3.0. Also has the potential to break scripts in unpredictable ways.
  • 430910 Breaks conversion of links from pasted articles text into wikicode. This is why pasted wikilinks appear as web links.
  • 458524 Automatic syntax highlighting would interfere with undo/redo. The only reason why wikEd does not have automatic syntax highlighting.

Simply follow the links. Click the vote link in the bug description field (you need a Bugzilla account for this).

File:WikEd logo64x64.gif  wikEd:  Home · Discussion · Help

Installation:  Installation · Customization · Images

Project:  User box · · Navigation box · Testimonials

Development:  Current version · Version log · Documentation · Developer discussion

Helper programs:  diff · wikEdDiff 

Program code:  wikEd · Greasemonkey bundle · diff · wikEdDiff · InstaView · Installation template

Gadgets:  Guide · English: Description · Code
Arabic · Chinese · German · Hungarian Japanese · Malay · New Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese · Romanian · Sicilian · Spanish

Translations:  Guide · Example · Arabic · Chinese (simplified) · Chinese (traditional) · Czech · Dutch · Esperanto · French · German · Hungarian · Italian · Japanese · Korean · Lower Sorbian · Malay · Norwegian · New Norwegian · Polish · Portuguese · Romanian · Sicilian · Slovak · Slovenian · Spanish · Swedish · Upper Sorbian · Vietnamese

wikEd is a full-featured Wikipedia-integrated text editor that adds enhanced text processing functions to edit pages. wikEd is a complete rich-text WYSIWYM editor and comes with many MediaWiki-specific features. Check the wikEd help page for a description of all functions and buttons. Currently, wikEd works under Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, and Google Chrome, but not under Internet Explorer and Opera.

Quick features

Recent changes

The newest update is on top. For archived updates see the change log

  • wikEd 0.9.85: Changed ref and template hiding to event-based for partial Firefox compatibility (see Bugzilla 502527 and 503685). Added Mozilla event.relatedTarget bug (see Bugzilla 101197) workarounds. Fixed linkification & to \x02 bug (20 July 2009)
  • wikEd 0.9.84: Added ideographic space highlighting, fixed ref hiding, added vector skin support, added new toolbar support, preview area closing on doubleclick, support for {{Template:Hidden begin}} (collapsible tables) in preview, fixed: fix basic blank after |}}, hidden templ in templ (11 July 2009)
  • wikEd 0.9.83a: Fixed block markup (wikEdSpace, wikEdList) interfering with hiding (28 June 2009)
  • wikEd 0.9.83: Added hide [REF] [TEMPL] function with unfolding on hover (27 June 2009)
  • wikEd 0.9.82: Edit raw watchlist support and preview, follow link via Cmd-Click for Mac (22 June 2009)
  • wikEd 0.9.80: Highlighting tweaks, added forced update, updated parser functions, fix image highlighting, fix basic list and table fixing. Cacycle (talk) 04:32, 11 June 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.79: Added new highlighting color scheme, added shift-[T] for forced highlighting, added sortable tables in preview, updated text size cycling. Cacycle (talk) 23:19, 23 May 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.78: Added traditional / simplified Chinese translation, added secure https server support, fix caps cycling for Cyrillic, fixed #REDIRECT treated as a list. Cacycle (talk) 03:16, 27 April 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.76: Fixed resizing, Ctrl-click now opens the innermost highlighted link. Cacycle (talk) 22:48, 29 March 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.75a: Fixed resizing, fixed FixHTML bug, remove some WebKit tags. Cacycle (talk) 04:14, 13 March 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.75: Added resize grip to edit area (double click resets the size), fixed disable/re-enable bug. Cacycle (talk) 15:33, 2 March 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.74: Split off new textify button bar, fixed fix redirects with #. Cacycle (talk) 05:55, 22 February 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.73: Highlighting hyphens, dashes, and blanks with small blue or red indicator and popup description; added missing translations option; fix to maintain new section layout on preview pages. Cacycle (talk) 04:26, 16 February 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.72: Added WOT (Web of Trust) addon support. Cacycle (talk) 04:02, 7 February 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.71: Changed Safari/Chrome/WebKit Enter-divs to br, fixed intelligent scroll to preview field, improved fix punctuation. Cacycle (talk) 03:31, 2 February 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.70: Added Proofread Page extension compatibility, fixed [[Image:...|\n|}]] freezing. Cacycle (talk) 16:23, January 31, 2009 (UTC)
  • wikEd 0.9.69: New Ajax fix redirects button, new blockquote and poem tag support/fix, changed \u00 to \x in sourcecode. Cacycle (talk) 03:36, 26 January 2009 (UTC)
(For a more detailed feature list see below)
  • Wikicode syntax highlighting
  • Pasting, import, and conversion into wiki code of formatted text, e.g. from Microsoft-Word and web pages
  • Comfortable search and replace with regular expression support and type-ahead find
  • Edit preview and improved show changes on the same page without reloading
  • Fullscreen editing mode
  • Single-click fixing of common issues and mistakes
  • History for summary, search, and replace fields
  • Jump to selected heading
  • Works for every MediaWiki and has been translated into many languages
  • Follow links and wiki-links in the edit area with a ctrl-click
  • Can be installed as a gadget, user script, or Greasemonkey script

System requirements

  • Browser: Firefox 1.5 or higher, Mozilla 1.3 or higher, SeaMonkey, WebKit, Google Chrome, or Safari
  • A user account on the wiki where you want to use wikEd
  • A not too slow computer as wikEd might slow down the loading of very long articles
  • A screen resolution higher than 1024×768 is preferred in order to keep the button bars in one row, but it works fine with any resolution
  • If used outside Wikipedia, then the wiki installation must be a recent version of MediaWiki (1.8.2 works, see Toolbox >> Special pages >> Version).

How to use it

Simply check wikEd under the Gadget section in your Wikipedia preferences. Alternatively (and if your wiki does not have this option), add one of the code snippets from below to your User:YourUsername/monobook.js page. If you have Greasemonkey installed, you can install wikEd by clicking here.

Check the wikEd help page for a description of all buttons. For a local installation as a Greasemonkey user script see below.

For more information, see below or check the wikEd installation page.

Full features

(For a quick feature list see above)

See also the wikEd help page for a description of all buttons and functions. wikEd adds the following functions as buttons above the edit textarea:

  • Pasting formatted content, e.g. from MS-Word or MS-Excel
  • Converting the formatted content to wikicode text (including tables)
  • Paste and convert wiki pages without going to the edit page to get the source code
  • Wikicode syntax highlighting
  • Find and replace with case insensitive find and regular expression support
  • Find ahead as you type
  • Quick Show preview, displays a local preview using InstaView that is replaced by a server preview using Ajax techniques
  • Quick Show changes, uses User:Cacycle/diff for the server-independent color-coded visualization of deletions, additions, and block movements
  • History for summary, find, and replace fields from drop-down menus (history is not lost between browser sessions and is accessible from different windows)
  • Predefined and customizable summary texts
  • Fixing common mistakes with one button:
    • Fixing wiki links with redirects to final target article
    • Fix Unicode character representations to either actual characters or character entities (depending on browser support status of character)
    • Fix common typos using AutoWikiBrowser RegExTypoFix rules
    • Mathematical and chemical formulas
    • Basic — spaces and empty lines
    • Dashes
    • Units
    • HTML — change html code to wikicode (including tables)
    • Capitalization of headers and lists
  • Jump to article headings from the find field drop-down menu
  • Fullscreen editing mode
  • All buttons have popup descriptions (titles)
  • Alphabetical sorting of lines
  • Hide <ref>...</ref> in-text reference tags
  • Jump to position of last change
  • Fully customizable, including button images and colors (via CSS)
  • Intelligent selection of affected text, e.g. the word under the cursor or the current line
  • Change the edit window font size
  • Compatible with the existing edit toolbar above the edit box and the insert links below the edit box
  • Can be disabled with a click without changing the monobook.js page
  • Automatic installation of new versions (using Ajax)
  • Support for user-defined buttons and functions
  • Improved diff display on Show Changes as well as history comparison pages (using wikEdDiff)
  • Internal and external links in the edit text can be opened (ctrl-click)
  • Keyboard shortcuts for buttons
  • Runs automatically on every MediaWiki installation when installed as a local Greasemonkey user script
  • Automatic update function
  • Template and parser function highlighting


See wikEd international for translations of wikEd and how to install them. wikEd has been translated into Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Esperanto, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lower Sorbian, Malay, Norwegian, New Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Sicilian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Upper Sorbian, and Vietnamese. Detailed instructions on creating new translations can also be found on the wikEd international page.

wikEd userbox

If you're on Wikipedia, paste the following text to your user page:

{{User:Cacycle/wikEd userbox}}

to get this userbox:

This user uses the editing tool wikEd

Check who is using this box.


There are four ways to install wikEd, please click the bold links for detailed instructions:

Type (click) Scope Installation Remarks
Gadget Local Wikipedia language or wiki only Select wikEd under Gadgets in your wiki preferences The easiest option on the English Wikipedia. Not available on all wikis.
User script Local Wikipedia language or wiki only Paste a small code snippet to your User:YourUsername/monobook.js page
Site wide Local wiki only A wiki administrator has to paste a code snippet to the MediaWiki:Common.js page Site wide installation for all users
Greasemonkey Every Wikipedia language and wiki Install the Greasemonkey add-on for your browser, then install wikEd by clicking here Also works if not logged in

See wikEd installation page for more details. That page also explains how to install wikEd on non-Wikipedia wikis and on wikis without internet connection and how to create a wikEd gadget.

Known general issues

  • wikEd works currently only with Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers as well as WebKit, Safari, and Google Chrome. wikEd does currently not work in Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • If you are using an old computer or are editing very long articles, then you could speed up the page load by temporarily turning wikEd off by pushing the WikEd logo.png button. Alternatively, you could use wikEd's predecessor Cacycle editor (no longer actively maintained).
  • wikEd relies on the browser-internal rich-text editor and uses formatted text (similar to MS Word). This causes the following inconveniences:
    • Syntax highlighting of freshly typed text has to be invoked manually by pushing the Textify button. Until doing that the text may appear in a wrong highlighting color (see Firefox request.)
    • Pasting text from a HTML heading generates a new paragraph with line breaks before and after the pasted text. These line breaks will disappear if you press an edit button, e.g. the textify button WikEd textify.png.
    • Mozilla replaces tabs with four spaces when pasting text into the iframe. In order to keep the tabs you have to temporarily disable wikEd.
  • A Mozilla browser bug sometimes leads to cursor jumps to the article start when editing pasted text or lets the cursor disappear.
  • Be very careful when using the purple buttons and always check the diff for unanticipated changes. There are cases where the simple rules used for these buttons could damage an article.
  • wikEd is incompatible with other scripts and extensions that rely on or change the text edit box (see the next section).


Browser support

wikEd works under Firefox, SeaMonkey, Safari, and Google Chrome, but not under Internet Explorer and Opera.

Skin support

wikEd works with all native MediaWiki skins and most of their derivatives. Other supported skins include:

Scripts, add-ons, and extensions

In general, wikEd is incompatible with any script, add-on, or extension that relies on or changes the text edit box. The reason is that wikEd replaces the normal text area with its own rich-text iframe. Many of these scripts will still work if wikEd is temporarily turned off by pressing the WikEd logo.png button, making the changes, and re-enabling wikEd.

Compatible scripts

Incompatible scripts and add-ons

Making scripts compatible with wikEd

The wikEd edit box is a rich-text iframe while the standard edit box is a textarea with the id wpTextbox1. Nevertheless, developers can make their script compatible with wikEd by copying the text from the wikEd iframe to the standard textbox before making their changes and then copying the content back to the iframe. The following code is cross-browser compatible and wikEd-independent:

<source lang="javascript"> // copy wikEd ( frame to wpTextbox1 textarea if (typeof(wikEdUseWikEd) != 'undefined') {

   if (wikEdUseWikEd == true) {


// make the changes to the classic wpTextbox1 textarea //

// copy wpTextbox1 textarea back to wikEd frame if (typeof(wikEdUseWikEd) != 'undefined') {

   if (wikEdUseWikEd == true) {

} </source>

A more sophisticated way to apply local changes similar to custom button handlers is shown below. The example implements a "<div>...</div>" add or remove function around selected text:

<source lang="javascript" style="overflow:auto;">

// this example code adds or removes div tags around the selected text

function TestHandler(obj) {

// select the appropriate text change target (whole, selection, cursor, focusWord, focusLine, selectionWord, or selectionLine) // focus... is the text under the cursor; ...Word and ...Line extend the target to the start/end of the word or line

 WikEdGetText(obj, 'selection, cursor');
 if (obj.selection.plain != ) {
   obj.changed = obj.selection;
 else {
   obj.changed = obj.cursor;

// make your changes to the plain target text in obj.changed.plain

// remove the previously added formatting

 if ( /&lt;div&gt;(.*?)&lt;\/div&gt;/i.test(obj.changed.plain) ) {
   obj.changed.plain = obj.changed.plain.replace(/&lt;div&gt;(.*?)&lt;\/div&gt;/gi, '$1');

// add the text formatting

else {
   obj.changed.plain = '&lt;div&gt;' + obj.changed.plain + '&lt;/div&gt;';
   obj.changed.plain = obj.changed.plain.replace(/(&lt;div&gt;)( *)(.*?)( *)(&lt;\/div&gt;)/, '$2$1$3$5$4');

// keep the changed text selected

 obj.changed.keepSel = true;

// return to WikEdEditButton() to apply changes



if (typeof(wikEdUseWikEd) != 'undefined') {

 WikEdEditButton(null, null, null, TestHandler);

} </source>

You can also add your custom functions to hooks that are executed on events such as wikEd setup, wikEd turned on or off, and classic textarea or wikEd frame turned on. It is also possible to directly apply changes to the wikEd edit frame, please see the wikEd development page.

Troubleshooting / FAQ

This section focuses on getting wikEd to work. For other problems see the wikEd help page.

wikEd does not load

You have followed the installation instructions above, but the wikEd logo WikEd logo.png is not displayed on top of the pages next to the log out link and the wikEd buttons do not appear on edit pages. Please try the following:

  • Refresh your browser cache: hold down Shift while clicking Reload (or press Ctrl-Shift-R)
  • Enable JavaScript in your browser (ToolsOptionsContentEnable JavaScript in Firefox)
  • If you are using wikEd on a non-Wikipedia installation check if $wgAllowUserJs is has been set to true in the MediaWiki initialization file LocalSettings.php by an administrator
  • Check under your preferences which skin you use. If you are not using the default skin Monobook then you have to replace monobook.js by the used skin, e.g. User:YourUsername/classic.js for the Classic skin. Alternatively you can paste the following line into your browser's address bar to open the right page: <source lang="javascript">javascript:void(document.location='/wiki/Special:Mypage/'+skin+'.js')</source>
  • Check the JavaScript Error Console (under Tools in Firefox) for error messages. If there is an error message caused by wikEd please report to the wikEd discussion page.

wikEd info and navigation box

Every wikEd project page has a navigation box on top. You can add this template to an English Wikipedia page by adding the following code on top of the page text:


The following code can be used for wikEd navigation boxes and templates on non-Wikipedia sites and non-English Wikipedia pages. The box uses external html links. If you are not on Wikipedia or another Wikimedia site like Wiktionary or Wikinews, then you have to upload the logo WikEd_logo64x64.gif to your own wiki.

<source lang="javascript" style="overflow: auto; font-size: xx-small;">

wikEd Homepage · Discussion · Translations · Help
Program documentation · Developer discussion · Code


wikEd Homepage · Discussion · Translations · Help
Program documentation · Developer discussion · Code


wikEd is fully customizable, including color schemes, language, and custom buttons and functions. Please see the wikEd customization page on how to adapt wikEd to your personal preferences.

Internet Explorer and other browsers

wikEd does currently not work with Internet Explorer and Opera, but work is in progress to change that. Please check the program documentation and the developer discussion for the progress and to see how you can help.

Bug reports

Please post your detailed bug reports to User_talk:Cacycle/wikEd (the discussion page of this article). Please use the bug reporting form on top of the page and add your report to the bottom of the page.


Are you a happy user of wikEd? You can leave your testimonial here and let the world know how good it is: File:Symb Glad.svg

  • This programme is absolutely amazing. I use it on everything and it is so helpful, particularly the extension of pilaf's instaview. Thank you Cacycle so much for writing it! Dev920 (Have a nice day!) 13:53, 30 December 2006 (UTC)
  • This looks like an outstanding tool, which I'm happy to give a test run. Thanks! Sandstein 21:30, 11 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Outstanding work, Cacycle! This tool is like editing Wikipedia with Microsoft Word ;-) -- Tuvok^Talk|Desk|Contribs  23:59, 30 January 2007 (UTC)
  • Thank you very much for this great gift! I personally don't need this tool, but I am certain that this tool will encourage others to contribute to my site in future. I have been looking for some thing like this ever since I started my MediaWiki site. I love the Wiki philosophy but the work load for the administrator is heavy due to its technical confusions, and I am certain that there many prospective contributors who are kept ashore due to the inconvenience. Thank you again for your work and generosity. --Kohyin 11:52, 9 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Looks like I found what I was looking for! Thanks for that! I just installed it and added an abbreviated help without mayor problems (one crash of Firefox included, maybe because I copied the wikEd Logo) at the still very young site --Horst Salzwedel 03:16, 15 February 2007 (UTC)
  • I use it everyday. The syntax highlighting and reg-ex search and replace make it very valuable tool. Kudos! --Flex (talk|contribs) 17:20, 15 February 2007 (UTC)
  • Excellent work, I will use this and install it on all my MediaWiki sites. Nilamdoc 12:37, March 26, 2007
  • Really handy tool. Love the search and instant-preview features. Saintrain 15:05, 1 April 2007 (UTC)
  • I love it! It makes editing 90% easier! RyGuy 15:47, 5 April 2007 (UTC)
  • So impressed I installed it site wide. Good power editing tools. Graham 09:26, 13 April 2007 (UTC)
  • This is a great tool - I think I've been using it for about a month now, and I have to say the syntax highlighting is one of the best features. Thanks for all the effort that you've put into making it! -Panser Born- (talk) 21:18, 17 May 2007 (UTC)
  • This probably significantly increased my Wikiing --Thinboy00 talk|contribs 00:17, 23 June 2007 (UTC)
  • wikEd is great! The find feature helps when debugging JS code. Although it's not compatible with "cavendish", it helps whenever I need to fix errors found in my code. Onekopaka 17:25, 29 September 2007 (UTC) Cavendish support added in version 0.9.45. Cacycle 04:27, 8 October 2007 (UTC)
  • This tool is perfect for a situation like:
    • You ask your IT group to setup a wiki, and to make sure it's backed up
    • You work for several months on the wiki content
    • Your IT group upgrades the system hosting your wiki, and in the process need to restore the content from the most recent backup
    • You (not IT) discover that the backups had been broken for several months
    • You manage to recover some of your content from
      • Your browser cache
      • Your friend's browser cache
      • An OCR scan of some printed pages
  • wicked! --Subfader (talk) 23:48, 14 March 2008 (UTC)
  • Excellent tool! I may not use most of its features, but I find its search-and-replace function invaluable, and, more importantly, the highlighting helps me make sense in the edit window even when the amount of syntax and references is overwhelming. Waltham, The Duke of 21:13, 4 October 2008 (UTC)
  • widEd is now the official editor of Elder Scrolls Fanon. Thanks for creating such a remarkable editor. --Michaeldsuarez (talk) 00:09, 2 February 2009 (UTC)

Who's using it?

The following search link gives you an idea which users of the English Wikipedia are loading wikEd through their monobook.js page: Search Wikipedia

wikEd is not



hu:Wikipédia:WikEd it:Wikipedia:Monobook.js/WikEd pt:Wikipedia:Software/Scripts/wikEd no:User:Dvyjones/wikEd de:Wikipedia:Texteditor#wikEd