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*Wayne G. Shreffler 19:24, 6 July 2009 (EDT):

Research Overview

  • Reviewed Caitlin's src family inhibition data -- both experiments do demonstrate that the inhibitors block CD63 and can be washed out
    • first experiment does not support hypothesis that src inhibition blocks anergy -- however, response is very weak
    • second experiment inconclusive as there is some 'carry over' activation from stim 1 -- will extend time between stim 1 and 2 to 30 min
    • third experiment inconclusive due to weak response
    Will try src inhibitor again -- consider using fresh donor (?Carl)

  • Carl has separated HMW and LMW components of fraction 5, and Bert with Galina separated fractions w/o blue staining
  • Bert has now screened the activity of these fractions and tentatively finds that the HMW fraction has the activity
    Carl will run gel tomorrow to confirm separation and obtain material to be sent for MS/MS
  • Steven and Neisha confirmed good transfection efficiency with the GFP control plasmid
    doing transfection tomorrow
  • Alex has acquired images from anti-IgE, fMLP and control (RPMI) stimulated cells -- no evidence of nanotubes
    • will repeat at least once more
      will acquire images from RPMI stim to compare with anti-E to confirm changes of Ag localization
      order phalloidin and DNA stain
  • Shashi has not heard back from IRB
    will call the office this afternoon -- can Yvette help?
  • Need to plan dinner for CW, AS, MP -- Thu night?

Completed 'to do's'

  • DoD grant reviews

To do:

  • R03 progress reports
  • Peds review
  • contact Alkis re: ICATA
  • review Duke basophil samples with Caitlin
  • JAX IRB docs