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*Wayne G. Shreffler 18:15, 13 July 2009 (EDT):

Agenda for meeting with HS

  • Staff:
    • Caitlin and Misu done
    • Alyssa starts today
    • Need to maximize overlap between Anita and Alyssa for Milk Project is undermined by policy re: unused vacation time
    • Would like input on second hire -- Emily Hertzberg
    • Grayson to start today -- suggest?
      • other microarray targets: e.g. CCL22
  • Infrastructure:
    • new computer/ software for suzie in place

  • Projects:
    • review Bert's project using Feinberg slides
    • milk project
    • cofar
      • RFA for renewal -- HS to send to me
      • need to discuss publications
        • HS will inquire with Don or group about how much of the data we can work with
        • I will follow up with Scott to find out where CoFAR2 paper stands
    • icata
      • basophil data analysis this late summer
    • biocsi
  • Academic/ Career
    • updated CV for promotions committee
    • concerns related to next steps/ family needs

meeting with Bert

  • discussed grant proposal
  • accessed grant documents on-line
  • Bert will start with preliminary data section (limit to 4 pages)
  • Bert will set up infoed access
  • Wayne will start with background/ rationale and aims
  • confirm GCO deadline
  • identify biostatistician