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Ocean Optics


To use ocean optics to make conclusions about the rate of myoglobin templated Au nanoparticle formation in pH 8.


  1. Sample was made Myoglobin: 0.25mM Au, 12.5uM Myoglobin, 3mL total
    1. Au 2.93mM
      1. (0.25mM)(3.0mL)=(XmL)(2.93mM)
      2. XmL= .256mL= 256uL Au
    2. Myoglobin 133uM
      1. (12.5uM)(3.0mL)=(XmL)(133uM)
      2. X=0.282mL= 282uL Myoglobin
    3. 3uL 1mM NaOH
    4. Water
      1. Volume of water= 3000uL- 256uL-282uL-3uL= 2459uL
    5. Scans were taken at 80oC every 2 minutes for 3 hours


Myoglobin pH 8 AuNP Absorbance

Aunp pH8 absorbance.png

Myoglobin pH 8 Wavelength

Myoglobin aunp ph8 wavelength.png