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To observe the change in absorbance of AgNO3 NP's at pH 4-12 for fructose at concentrations 0.125mM and 0.25mM


  1. Solutions were prepared on 10/18/2016
    1. The solutions had been heated in an 80C oven for four hours and then sat at room temperature. UV-Vis spectra were taken of each sample from 200-800nm.
    2. The test tubes were kept completely wrapped in tin foil the entire time, because AgNO3 is light sensitive.


  1. All of the solutions for both concentrations of fructose were cloudy. Below are photos of pH 11 and 12 respectively, going in order from 0mM Fructose- 0.25mM fructose

Ag NP's, myoglobin, pH11: 0mM, .0625mM, .125mM, .25mM Fructose

Ag NP's, myoglobin, pH12: 0mM, .0625mM, .125mM, .25mM Fructose


  1. Graphs for .125mM Fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength

Absorbance at 272nm

Absorbance at 400nm

  1. Graphs for 0.25mM Fructose

Absorbance v. Wavelength

Absorbance at 396nm

Absorbance at 284nm