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Contact Info


  • Rama Krishna

Boston University <html> <br> </html> 24 Cummington Street <html> <br> </html> Room 528 <html> <br> </html> Boston <html> <br> </html> MA 02215


  • Graduate student

Biology (MCBB) , Boston University Bu.jpg

  • Bachelor of Technology

Bt.jpgDepartment of Biotechnology, IITMadras

Research Interests

  • Synthetic Biology - New ways to look at the evolution of genes and memes.

genes of an organism manipulating the genes of another with a lump of neurons Madsci.jpg

  • virology - molecular dynamic simulations of proteins

Prot.jpg HIV-1 protease

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Interesting Stuff


  1. A synthetic Escherichia coli predator prey ecosystem

keep checking.. more to come soon