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Fluorescence pH 9

Sample Preparations

BSA Fluorescence Solution

  1. [Au]=0.25 mM
  2. [BSA]=3.125 uM
  3. Vf=3000 uL

Stock Concentrations

  1. [BSA]= 52.8 uM
  2. [Au]= 2.64 mM
  3. [NaOH]= 1 mM

Volumes used:

  1. 177.556 uL BSA
  2. 284.09 uL Au
  3. 2508.35 uL H2O
  4. 30 uL NaOH


BSA Fluor pH9 emissionsmax.PNG

The graph above displays the fluorescence emission maximum over time. There is no major change in the emission maximum over time. There is a constant plane at around 420 nm.

BSA Fluor pH9 integratedemissions.PNG

There was an initial peak of 12000 at around 1100 seconds. After this peak, there was a decrease until approximately 5600 seconds, reaching a level right around 8000. After this gulley, the level increased steadily for the remainder of the experiment.

BSA Fluor pH9 emissions0-900.PNG

The graph above is the emission intensity over time for our 0-900 second scans. As we have seen in previous trials, this is where largest change in emission intensity occurs around our wavelength of interest. The emission intensity jumps from approximately 10 to over 30 in the 900 seconds span. There a minor shift to the right from the first to seconds trial, but after that there was no detectable shift.

BSA Fluor pH9 emissions1080-4500.PNG

The graph above is the emission intensity over time for our 1080-4500 second scans. There is nearly no change over time in our fluorescence activity.

BSA Fluor pH9 emissions4680-10800.PNG

The graph above is the emission intensity over time for our 4680-10800 second scans. As observed in the 1080-4500 scans, therre was no change in fluorescence activity.