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Fluorescence 2016928

Sample Preparation

BSA Fluorescence Solution

  1. pH 6
  2. [Au]=0.25 mM
  3. [BSA]=3.125 uM
  4. Vf=3000 uL

Stock Concentrations 160920

  1. [BSA]= 52.6 uM
  2. [Au]= 4.27 mM
  3. [HCl]= 1mM

Volumes for making the solution:

  1. 3 uL HCl
  2. 294.6 uL BSA
  3. 292.7 uL Au
  4. 2409.5 uL H20


This graph displays the wavelength of maximum emission over the duration of the experiment. After the initial spike in the beginning, the wavelength plateaus and remains relatively constant. It appears to have a slightly upwards trend.

This graph displays the integrated emission over the course of the experiment. The maximum integrated emission is seen just above 1000 seconds. The integrated emissions then decreases until around 5000 seconds, where there is an uptick, and the emissions increase for the remaining duration of the experiment.

This graph displays selected scans (from 0-900 seconds) which display reasonable characteristics and trends. The emission intensity increases overtime.

This graph displays selected scans from 1080-4500 seconds. The emission intensity decreases overtime.

This graph displays selected scans from 4680-10800 seconds. The emission intensity increases overtime, but not as severely as the increase exhibited from the 0-900 second graph.