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Ocean Optics 2016927

SampleSolution Preparation

  1. BSA Ocean Optics Solution
    1. pH 6
    2. [Au]=0.25 mM
    3. [BSA]=3.125 uM
    4. Vf=3000 uL
  2. Stock Concentrations 160927
    1. [BSA]= 52.6 uM
    2. [Au]= 4.27 mM
    3. [HCl]= 1mM
  3. Volumes for making the solution:
    1. 3 uL HCl
    2. 294.6 uL BSA
    3. 292.7 uL Au
    4. 2409.5 uL H20


OO pH6 part1 160928.PNG

This graph illustrates the maximum wavelength versus time. The graph is madeof two plateaus, essentially. From the start-~3100 seconds, the maximum wavelength is approximately 450 nm. At 3100 seconds, there is a spontaneous increase in the maximum wavelength, which increases to approximately 530 nm, where it remains for the remainder of the experiment.

OO pH6 part3 160928.PNG

This graph depicts the max absorbance of the sample over time. There is a seemingly sinusoidal pattern to the graph. Initially, there is a slight decrease in the maximum absorbance. After that the absorbance increases exponentially for a short, followedby a seemingly linear portion. Then the slope of the increase appears to decrease. Maximum absorbance was approximately 0.47.

OO pH6 part2 160928.PNG

The graph above illustrates absorbance at 535.15 nm over time. It looks very similar to the maximum absorbance vs. time chart plotted above. This is to be expected.