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Michael Piña

Frank R. Seaver Hall

Contact Information

Loyola Marymount University

1 LMU Dr. MS-B 2166

Los Angeles CA 90045

E Mail

About me


Major: Biology

Class Year: 2011

Interests: Horticulture

I am interested in horticulture and sustainable methods of agriculture. I hope to provide improvements to crop plants that increase yield and nutritional content, while decreasing reliance on agrochemicals in order to provide more sustainable food production for the world's growing population.

Upper Division Courses

  1. Plant Physiology
  2. Biological Databases
  3. Bioinformatics Laboratory
  4. Plant Interactions
  5. General Microbiology
  • My favorite aspect of Biology is gaining a greater appreciation for the natural world around me.


I don't have any concerns about the class thus far. Since I was in Biological Databases last semester, I feel comfortable with the content that will be presented in this class.

Besides being a Biology major, I am quite computer savvy and I prefer the Mac OS X operating system.

I am an avid reader of technology blogs such as Engadget


This is the final report my team and I wrote for the Biological Databases course last semester. For those in this class, feel free to take a look at it to get more familiar with the course material.


Class Journal Entries Individual Journal Entries My Lab Notebook
Class Journal Week 2 Individual Week 2 Lab Notebook
Class Journal Week 3 Individual Week 3
Class Journal Week 4 Individual Week 4
Class Journal Week 5 Individual Week 5
Class Journal Week 6 Individual Week 6
Class Journal Week 7 Individual Week 7
Class Journal Week 8 Individual Week 8
Class Journal Week 9 Individual Week 9
Class Journal Week 10 Individual Week 10
Class Journal Week 11 Individual Week 11
Class Journal Week 12 Individual Week 12
Class Journal Week 13 Individual Week 13
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