Michael R. Pina Week 4

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Activity 1

  • The accession number of the sequence is AF016768.
  • The sequence comes from subject 1; the definition section of the record contains this information as well as other information such as which visit.
  • The Biology Workbench does not seem the most user friendly, but it works just fine and gets the job done. I was able to align 4 sequences acquired from GenBank without any problems.

Activity 2

Part 1: Looking at clustering across subjects

My tree (linked below) shows that at the first visit, clones within each subject are clustered pretty close together which shows that there is not a lot of divergence. Subject 3 shows the most diversity from the others as it it is the furthest from the middle point.

Part 2: Quantifying diversity within and between subjects

Table 3

Table 4


Visit 1, subjects 1-9

Visit 1, subjects 10-15


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