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  • Take UV Vis data of the 24 hour samples of 25% red nanoparticles and 25% purple nanoparticles, made with DI water, that were set up last Wednesday.
  • Take UV Vis data of stock solutions after a serial dilution of both the lysozyme nanoparticles, made with DI water, and the purple nanoparticles, made with spring water, made last Wednesday
  • Create lysozyme nanoparticles with spring water instead
  • Set up plants in 25% lysozyme nanoparticles, made with DI water, and 25% purple nanoparticles, made with spring water.


UV Vis of Stock Solutions
Four serial dilutions (half dilution) were made of the lysozyme nanoparticles, synthesized on 02/22/2016, and were run on UV-Vis. The same dilutions were performed using the purple nanoparticles made with spring water.

NP Uptake Setup
25% solutions of both the lysozyme nanoparticles with normal water and purple AuNPs with spring water (synthesized on 02/22/2016). Ferns with similarly extensive root systems were added to the solutions and were analyzed after 2 hours and 24 hours via UV Vis.

Lysozyme Nanoparticle Setup
100mL stock solution was made using the following steps:

  1. 15.21mg of lysozyme was added to 25mL of water in a volumetric flask (42.55mM). The solutions was mixed and added to the beaker.
  2. 0.84mL of 1% by weight HAuCl4 stock solution was added (made on 02/23/2016)
  3. 74.16mL of water was added, bringing the final solution volume up to 100mL.

The solution was then covered with foil and placed in the oven for 4 hours at 80 degrees celsius.


UV-Vis data was taken of the 25% solutions red and purple citrate gold nanoparticles, made with regular water, that set up for uptake with java ferns for 24 hours last week.

Figure 1: UV-Vis spectra for 25% Red Citrate AuNPs

Figure 2: UV-Vis spectra for Lysozyme AuNPs in Spring Water

Figure 3: UV-Vis spectra for 25% Purple Citrate AuNPs