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Biomaterials Design Lab - Spring 2016 Main project page
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  1. Plan our project for the semester and make a list of all chemicals we will need to use
  2. Make an initial synthesis of our gold nanoparticles


Preparation of Stock Solutions:

  1. 1% weight HAuCl4 was made in water by adding 0.0503g of HAuCl4 to 5mL of water
  2. 38.8 mM Sodium Citrate solution was made by adding 0.100g of sodium citrate to 5mL of water

Synthesis of Citrate AuNPs:
1mL of HAuCl4 stock solution (1) was added to 90mL of water in a 100mL volumetric flask. The solution was heated while stirring until it reached 90 degrees Celsius. 2mL of the sodium citrate stock solution (2) was added to the solution. The reaction cuased the mixture to turn from clear, black, purple, then to red.