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  1. Finish films from last week
  2. Make two new films
    1. One containing the exchanged clay that your group made
      1. 0.9995g of PVA with 0.1107g of 1-hexadecyltriphenylphosphonium bromide
    2. One containing the exchanged clay that another group made
      1. 1.0022g of PVA with 0.1111g of tributylhexadecylphosphonium bromide used from Michael's group
  3. Run AA on the arsenic samples
    1. Make As standards (Note: AA will consume around 5mL of sample)
      1. 0ppm
      2. 10ppm
      3. 20ppm
      4. 30ppm
      5. 40ppm
      6. 50 ppm
    2. Dilute your samples so that their original concentration falls somewhere in this range.
    3. Make calibration curve and determine the concentration of As using AA.


PVA films soaked in R6G

PVA Concentration (micromL) Mass of Vial (g) Mass of Vial and Film (g) Mass of Film (g)
1 1 16.4096 16.5057 0.0961
2 10 16.5198 16.6298 0.11
3 20 16.3885 16.5115 0.123

PVAC films soaked in R6G

PVAC Concentration (micromL) Mass of Vial (g) Mass of Vial and Film (g) Mass of Film (g)
4 1 16.3905 16.4411 0.0506
5 10 16.3518 16.4301 0.0783
6 20 16.3959 16.4812 0.0853

Preparation of solutions

  • Stock solution was 159uM
  1. 1uM R6G - 0.629mL of stock into 100mL
  2. 10uM R6G - 6.289 mL of stock into 100mL
  3. 20uM R6G - 12.578 mL of stock into 100mL
  • Due to a error in the labeling of the stock solution the actual original concentration was 1.9mM which means that based off the volume of the stock used the actual concentrations were
  1. 11.95uM - instead of the 1uM
  2. 119.49uM - instead of 10uM
  3. 238.9 uM instead of 20uM


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