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  1. Finish analyzing PVA-malachite green data
  2. Start analysis on X-ray
  3. Start making new PVA and PVA clay films
  4. Set up experiments (like the malachite green experiments) to see how well the films absorb arsenic and mercury
    1. Notes: both of these are toxic metals, and we need to understand how to use/work with them.
      1. You MUST read the following before starting in lab today
      2. Information sheet on As
      3. Information sheet on Hg
      4. Note: Both metals are volatile. You MUST only work on solutions of these in the hood. If you take solutions of these out of the hood, they must be in sealed containers. Also, any container that has As or Hg in it must be rinsed (and the rinse must go into the waste containers).


For your Hg and As experiments, you need to have three concentrations: 150ppm, 100ppm, and 50ppm.


Mercury stock solution

  1. 0.0908g HgCl2
    1. (0.0908g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/271.5g HgCl2)*(1mol HgCl2/1mol Hg)*(200.59g Hg/1mol Hg) = 0.0671g Hg
    2. put in 250mL volumetric
    3. 268ppm Hg


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