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June 12, 2013

  • Finished MHA silica-coated AuNPs, resuspended in water, 10x and 100x dilutions made for all four samples
  • Fluorescent beads and Alexa 532 antibodies successfully run and analyzed on FCS
    • Green fluorescent beads, diluted 10000x
    • Alexa 532 antibodies, diluted to 500pM and 100pM


  • Take absorbance spectra of sonicated original AuNP dilutions
  • Take absorbance spectra of 10x and 100x silica-coated AuNP dilutions
  • Take fluorescence spectra of ZnPPIX/AuNP, DNA/ThT combinations
  • Add ZnPPIX/AuNP fluorescence data to graph for presentation
  • Make DNA/ThT calibration curve (with fluorescence data)